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Originally Posted by Chief Rum
I am very suspicious of GE's actions. He would seem to have information about who is a wolf from his power of smell, and suggests such, but doesn't ever give us anything to go on? If you have this power and are good, why just suggest? Why not make a stronger and more directed accusation? Why would you ignore requests from others here to explain yourself? If you don't have this power and are good, what exactly are you trying to do? Lead us down false paths? Set yourself up as someone to protect because of our belief you have this power when you don't?

I tried to warn everyone about RealDeal. I knew he was not chaos and came out and said so. No one listened to me then. That is also the reason for my strange voting.

The Alan T vote was totally random. I pulled his name out of a hat. I then saw that RealDeal was in trouble and that I needed to tie things up for RealDeal so that he could have a chance at advancing. I then simply got things mixed up and voted for BrianD instead of bulletsponge. My intention all along was to tie things up.

If I were chaos or mutant, why would I stick my neck out for RealDeal, who turned up clean?
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