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Originally Posted by jeff061 View Post
Haven't had a lot of issues with fires. That said, I've always made sure I've had coverage and I haven't run into issues. Think I've had a single building burn down.

Trash pickup and dead pickup have been issues. I started with landfills, moved to incinerators and emptied/plowed my landfills.

Crime has been way to easy, they need to up that ten fold. I'm going to try playing on a harder difficulty.

Public transit could use a work over has well, hard to really plan anything out properly or rework things once they've been done. My public transit is a huge part of my city, but I'm sure it's horribly inefficient. And I still haven't figured out why a couple metro lines and a train line are showing as discconected, I finished both routes and both are picking up passengers. But that disconnected icon and occasional message won't go away.

I built a successful bus line finally. Just gotta take it back to a station.

Zones work good once you switch to the bigger paint tool.

Not being able to build train tracks is kinda dumb. Gotta build a station first. I'm figuring out a lot but trash and dead bodies is still a nightmare
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