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Originally Posted by tarcone View Post
Let me clear up my point.

Those countries have a history of kingdoms and tribes with one leader that made the decisions that the people followed. The people int he middle ages or earlier and even up through the 20th century did not have a culture where the people have the freedom to choose their destinies.

If you were born into a peasant family, you did not become a king. If a lord wanted your land they took it.

The United States was built upon the freedom of the individual. Where the individual had the right to become anything they choose to be if they worked hard.

That wasnt how other countries were built.

Germany as late as 1944 was a dictatorship where the freedoms were severely limited.

There has never been a time in our country where all our freedoms were limited. And those that had no freedom, we fought to give the those freedoms.

My point is that the United States is a country built on giving people freedom. While other countries had centuries where people didnt have freedom.

Well, if you are/were a white male.
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