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The people of Salem village sighed in relief when the practitioners of black magic were driven from their town. (See WW CII Salem Witch Trials GAME OVER - VILLAGE WINS - Front Office Football Central). While they were shaken by the deaths and horror they had experienced, with peace came prosperity. The town has grown and the past has been put behind them.

Or so they wanted to think. It seems, however, that there are those in Salem who would like to see those dark days return. Signs of black magic have returned, and whether there are true witches here again, or only copycats, there is no doubt that evil has returned. Just a few days ago animal sacrifices were found in Goodman Hardy's field, and now last night it was worse, a human sacrifice. There are no signs of the black magic of the past, yet this sort of evil may be wore difficult to find.

Luckily the years have brought not just a return of evil, but an influx of good. Many new people have flocked to the prosperous town, including some who are well versed in the fight against evil. You will have to hope that it will be enough.


10 pm EST - Voting deadline. Any votes marked 10:01 or later will not count.

11 pm EST - Dawn deadline. Any night actions must be submitted by 11:00.


No editing of posts.

No quoting of private messages.

No discussion of the game outside the thread.

The village wins if all witches are killed. The witches win if they achieve a 1:1 ratio with the villagers.


Every day the village votes for who they wish to lynch, in hopes of catching a witch. The villager who receives the most votes will be lynched at sundown.

In order to vote, please post your vote in bold and on a separate line.

You may change your vote at any time before the deadline by posting an unvote and then a new vote, both in bold. You may vote No Lynch, and if No Lynch gains the most votes, there will in fact be no lynch. Nightfall votes must be unanimous and will still be dependent on my availability. Tie votes will be resolved by whichever candidate has the longest held vote on them.


Important to point out is that in this game there will not be automatic reveals upon death. Only the Mortician (see roles below) will be told the allegiance and roles of players who have died through lynch or night kill. If the Mortician is killed, nothing will be revealed to anyone.

I know this is very unusual for an FOFC game, but I'm hoping players won't be scared off. I am intrigued to see how you all adapt your game to this new style.

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