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Peterborough @ Woking

We're underdogs here but not by too much, we're 7:4, Peterborough are 5:4 to win at our place. We played these guys in the FA Cup a few years ago when they were one or two leagues above us. We tied at our place and got killed at theirs in a replay. Peterborough got demoted from the Championship last year.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Taylor/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/Zatara
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

We're going to try to attack at home.

7': Constantino picks up a bit of a knock, he's ok though.

8': A quick blast by Peterborough rockets off the crossbar.

24': A good bit of time passes, they get a free kick in our end out wide right, they generate a shot which we block for a corner. We clear out the corner.

37': We have a throwin near midfield, its thrown to Paulo who immediately fires a long pass into the area, they have a defender miss an interception, Harsanyi controls the ball perfectly and puts it by the keeper! our first shot due to a big mistake on their end and Harsanyi finishes nicely. 1-0

43': They get our defense spread out a bit, a nice pass in between our central defenders leads to an open shot but its taken from 20 yards out and put over.

HALF: Peterborough has 4 shots and a 51/49 possession edge, but 2 of their shots are from range and only one is on target. We have one shot, the goal that we scored. It sure isn't like when we would attack last year in league 2!

47': Constantino receives a pass 20 yards out, he makes a nice turn to get a bit of space between two defenders, he fires a shot but its off target, its our second shot of the match.

58': They have a strong buildup and have many men foward, there's a great through ball to the left, their man pulls it out wide and makes just as nice a pass back into the middle and they get a very easy goal once we can't get to those two passes and clear it away. 1-1 We argue about an offisdes and Paulo gets a yellow after the play.

69': We earn a corner, Upson takes it, Paulo heads it and its just wide.

72': Upson plays a ball to Zatara, he centers it to Colin, Colin dodges a slide tackle in the area and lays it off to Constantino, he shoots and puts it by the keeper!! 2-1

72': We go into a defensive set.

77': Subotic gives Harsanyi a rest. Christian Smith comes in for Constantino and we change to a 5-2-2-1 formation.

90': We're basically stalling here, but we have it in the midfield and Upson sees an opening, he places a beautiful ball into the area for Colin, Colin controls it and before he can shoot he's tackled, its a penalty! Their defender gets a yellow, and Upson takes the PK and buries it! 3-1

Woking 3 : 1 Peterborough

We shoot 5 times total, they shoot 8 times total, we really played a solid second half here and get a great win.

Man of the Match: Paulo (8.2)
Goals: Upson (7.8), Constantino (6.9), Harsanyi (7.4)
Assists: Paulo, Colin (6.8)
Notables: Lynch (7.1), Ogogo (7.1), Nikolaou (7.1), Vince Taylor (7.2)

Our first win was against a team we were better than last year, this one is against a team that was two league above us last year, its a great win that gives us confidence that we can compete in this league.

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