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We lock down the endorsement of Florida governor Rick Scott. We'll save him for some barnstorming in the 2 weeks leading up to the Florida primary. We're still targeting Americans for Tax Reform, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and we begin working on securing the endorsement of the Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks which will each give us a $1 million donation if we win them.

Right now, we have held only two barnstorming events, one in Iowa and one in South Carolina. In Iowa, we're currently in 3rd place with 10.5% of the vote, in New Hampshire, we sit in 7th place at 5.9%. The goal for me is not necessarily to win, but to get in the 10% threshold so I can claim a couple of seats. If it looks like we can win, we'll make a late push, but I'm more focused on the winner take all races right now.

In South Carolina, we sit in 6th place with 9.7% of the vote and in Florida, we're in 4th place with 10.2%. We'll be starting work on our ads for these three states soon so we can have them ready when we begin holding rallies.

We're not in a bad position considering we haven't run any ads or made any real effort at holding events. Nationally, we're polling at 5%, not great by any means but will definitely go up, especially if we can pull out another debate win on December 10.

We host another fundraiser in California and gain $470,000, one in Texas that raised $390,000, New York raised $350,000 and another in Florida netting $525,000.

Schweitzer won the third Democrat Debate, O'Malley with 3rd, Clinton in 4th. We win the third debate, I really thought we might lose it due to the other candidates attacking us this time.

We begin courting the Tea Party Express and receive their endorsement and their check for $500,000 as well as targeting Minnesota.

South Carolina and Florida have maxed out organization and foot soldiers. We have ads ready in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. In Nevada, Minnesota and Colorado, they are under production. We have $13.75 million on hand as we enter into the final stretch before Iowa and New Hampshire.

Edited to add:
Iowa - 1st place, 23.7%
New Hampshire - 6th place, 9.8%
South Carolina - 1st place, 25.2%
Florida - 2nd place 17.1%

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