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12/15/15 - 1/15/16

We quickly secure the endorsement of governors in upcoming primary states: Arizona, Michigan, Georgia

We launch our ad campaign in Iowa on 12/20/15. Right now, we're solidly in the lead for the state, and though a win isn't decisive, the publicity will be, plus it might force a few candidates to use their CPs to spin it.

We raise $700,000 on a fundraising trip that we'll use to pay for our ad campaign in New Hampshire that we launch on 12/28/15.

We get the unsolicited endorsements of Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter two days before the Iowa caucus, propelling us to extra CP. I use them to start targeting Super Tuesday states to give me a leg up after the first wave.

Mr. Perry had numerous requests to appear on various t.v. shows and had a great showing on all but one. Mrs. Perry spent the four days leading up to the Iowa caucuses barnstorming across the state. Mr. Perry currently has a 10 point lead for first and has +15 momentum there, so he flies ahead to New Hampshire for his first set of rallies. All we're really looking for in New Hampshire is to be above the 10% threshold so we get some delegates. We'll be heading south to cement our hold on South Carolina and then lead a late charge to surpass Christie in Florida. We have both governors on board ready to be used if needed for barnstorming.

We win Iowa and pick up 7 delegates, Rubio and Paul each pick up 4. On the Democrat side, Biden wins and picks up 23 delegates. The win propels us to the lead in Florida and surprisingly, Kansas, a state we've done nothing with so far.

O'Malley wins the third Democrat debate, while Biden finishes in second, holding on to some of the momentum of his caucus win. We win another debate, and I breathe deeply. The debates were a weakness for Mr. Perry in 2012 and we've spent lots of time and energy on shoring up that part of the campaign.

We're three days out to New Hampshire and are currently polling at 10% with +18 momentum. We fly Mrs. Perry in to help build some momentum in the state. Rubio wins New Hampshire, but all candidates pick up 2 seats. O'Malley wins for the Dems, but gets the same number of delegates as Biden.

After New Hampshire, we vault to the front in Texas, North Dakota, Oregon, New Mexico, Hawaii, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Delaware and Florida while maintaining first place in Kansas and South Carolina.

On 1/15/16, we have a war chest of $12.9 million. We are leading in the important states of South Carolina by 12 points and Florida by 2 points without stepping foot in the state to hold rallies or anything. I think we've been there a few times for fundraising.

Mrs. Perry and Governor Haley will be barnstorming South Carolina up until the primary to maintain our lead. Then Mr. Perry will head to Florida to hold rallies while Mrs. Perry and Florida governor Rick Scott will barnstorm for a final push to victory.

All in all, we're right where I hoped we'd be heading into South Carolina.
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