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Season 8, Week 2: 2-0 Dragons host 2-0 Buccs

The first quarter of this game didn't start well, as the Dragons racked up more injuries than first downs. Down 10-0 at the end of the first, however, somehow McDaniels found a way to get the team turned around.

Dakota Corriveau started to stretch the field, diversify his targets, and for the first time in his career, he has an O-coordinator that sees every player on the field as a weapon. Highly touted FB Dwight Stanton finally became a focal point with 4 catches, including with 26-yard TD scamper. Long under-utilized TE Kelvin Satterfield caught his 2nd TD in as many weeks, and the Dragons were suddenly off to the races!

By the time the dust settled, Corriveau had completed 23 of 26 passes for 4 TDs and a 146.6 rating. DE Elias "Beast" Reese was let off the leash to terrorize the opposing QB, and when CB2 Warren Sims snagged a pick-6 at the end of regulation, it only served to cement the shellacking, as the Dragons roar to a 38-13 victory.

Alas, the injury toll was heavy in this one, as the Dragons will be short-handed next week, missing:

LDE Elias "Beast" Reese
RDE Ricardo "ManChild" Heuring
SLB Bob Clinton
WR1 Louis Forbes
Rookie CB1 Alfredo Hanson
SLB2 Antonio Lepsis
FS Gerald Barnes

In a nutshell, the Dragons' best weapon on offense and almost entire defense will be watching from the sidelines. Ouch.
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