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Season 8, Week 8: 7-0 Dragons travel to 3-4 Green Bay

Does it say something about my nervous fears for this unbeaten team that I keep fretting about the injury report? The good news is that FS Gerald Barnes returned from injury, but defensive captain MLB Dale Griffin has now strained a hammy, keeping him out indefinitely. That could really hurt this stout run defense.

Yet it turns out our biggest opponent on this day wasn't injuries, but the weather. In a blizzard like only Green Bay can deliver, QB Dakota Corriveau and the Dragon aerial attack were grounded. And so were the Packers. In a game where players were sliding around on a white, sloppy field like teenage girls at a shaving cream slumber party, neither offense could sustain a drive. Not a single offensive touchdown was scored on the day.

The contest came down to punting, believe it or not, and the Green Bay special teams proved the better unit. Packer Punter Ronnie Foley pinned 6 of 7 punts inside the 20 yard line, and when Packer receiver Bobby Horner returned a punt to the house, it proved the day's only tuddy.

In really more a fluke game than anything else, the Dragons lose, 13-0.
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