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The business is off to a slow start guys. I spent all of last month scouring the gyms and talking to fighters. I was rejected more times than you can count. I threw a little bit down on some sure things and made an extra 40 grand. Every little bit helps. At the end of the month we had our first 2 fighters to join Punishment Inc.

The first is a middleweight who is currently ranked #97 in the world. I see in him a load of potential, but he has been abused to this point in his career and I really donít know if he has what it takes to get back to the top. Lawrence McFarlane was the first to sign on. His record as of right now is 10-7-0 (10). He is an aggressive, come at you fighter who has great power and at his will can unleash a barrage of punches that I havenít seen for a long, long time. He could be great! Will he? I have no idea. I sent him to the training room right off the bat, and am in the process of trying to get him a descent fight. The thing with Lawrence is that his confidence is shaken really bad. He has taken some tough losses and is not in very good shape either. He is going to take a gentle hand. He has signed on for 6 fights, at a cost of over 700,000 dollars. His contract could be very lucrative if he can get some wins, or we get into a position where money is important.

The other fighter to join my young stable is a lightweight. Omar Acevedo is a rookie. He is a local kid who is going to make his debut with me. He has also signed on for 6 fights. Omar has solid skills, but his chin is a real question. He is also what you might call a dirty fighter. Harry Greb would approve of his tactics. I found him in the gym sparring with some big guys, and let me tell you he can hit. Not quite the ring general that you might desire, but I am hoping that he will put on a good show, and let his punches fly.

Neither of these guys really has what it takes to be the champ, but I gotta start somewhere. Besides, I can really only go up.
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