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Just hung up with Netflix telephone customer service, couple of interesting things from that conversation.

1) My simultaneously streams allowed is currently 3 ... not 2 as I believed & as their website clearly indicates. The c.s. rep was kind of shaky about the timing of the change as well as the reasoning (mumbled something about "+1 in case you accidentally go over") but I was told very clearly that the new rule is "1 more than however many your DVD-at-a-time plan is".

What that means, for me, is that I can drop back to the 1 DVD plan, still get 2 simultaneously streams and end up paying pretty much what I was willing to pay when I upgraded last weekend. All I'm losing in that deal is the ability to have a 2nd DVD out and that really wasn't a factor in my upgrade decision anyway. It was all about the 2nd stream, which apparently I now have, even though there was nothing to tell me that short of the phone call I just made.

2) As I saw mentioned on a msg board (and didn't believe for one instant), the device cap for streaming has been raised to 50. The website still says 5 but apparently the change was made several weeks ago, although not sure how many people knew about it.
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