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Originally Posted by RainMaker View Post
I'm curious, is the streaming cap per IP or just per account.

Since it was tied (both previously & in the conversation) to "the number of DVD's on your plan" I'd think it's per account.

edit to add: Kind of makes sense in a way, if you have a 0 DVD plan, you still have 1 stream allowed (if you have a paid plan at all). So each DVD seems to be adding one additional simultaneous stream to that starting number. Frankly I've got my doubts about how long that holds up after September, since the DVD-only version would still be allowed one stream in that scenario, and that's not how I understand this is supposed to be working.

But to be clear, this phone call was definitely an increase of one simultaneous stream vs what I had when I upgraded on Saturday (even got an email at the time clearly stating that I was upgraded to have two simul. streams)
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