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Maybe it's not Netflix's fault, but in the end, they will pay the price. Here's the thing. They're not upping the price of streaming. That's what, for me, is causing the outrage. They are directly punishing those that want to use both features that they offer. Just DVDs is not going up in price. Just streaming is not going up in price. Using BOTH is.

So, I won't use both. Enjoy losing $8/mth from me that was probably costing you something like $.50/mth.

I don't think they can survive using the old model and and they might not anyway. I wonder if would be better for them to call the studios' bluff and just focus exclusively on the cheaper, older stuff for streaming. People who are interested in streaming of new releases are likely the people who are "angry" at the lack of selection, and who are probably going to end up leaving them now anyway. So I'm not sure that stuff is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Lower the streaming expectations and let people know exactly what they're going to get, instead of just having seemingly random stuff scattered across years and genres and studios ("Netflix, rent any DVD ever made and stream thousands of classic titles and documentaries"). Hollywood may come around if Netflix gets out of the insane streaming game for new movies at the current costs. If they don't, before long, the only way to watch new stuff streaming is going to be to pay for a premium cable channel (or really, get ALL of them if you want to see as much as Netflix streams now) or pay $7 per viewing through your satellite/cable company. I think Netflix is one of the great entertainment products/values of all time and a lot of people are really going to miss it if the studios win this.

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