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Originally Posted by JediKooter View Post
If I had a huge house, I'd probably buy something like the Apple TV, rip all my DVDs and stream them through there. I'd still want my hard copies regardless.

I don't have a huge house, but I do something similar to this. I started it when the kids disney movies would get mis-handled and ruined years ago (I've bought two or three copies of the original Shrek for instance). Now the convenience of it works out well for me. So I get the best of both worlds so to speak.

I get to "collect" or at least purchase the movies I love enough to watch many times, but I get all of the conveniences of streaming and even more convenience since I have more/better options to stream my personal movie collection than any of the individual streaming services (netflix/amazon/itunes/etc) offer singularly without paying more and combining a bunch of their features.

Basically when I buy a movie, I then back it up to my home NAS and then box the movie up to not be handled any more. From then on, I can stream from the NAS to any computer in my house, any of my in-house devices connected to every single tv, to the ipads or iphones on my home wi-fi, or I can stream them over AT&T cellular network to phones if I am away from home via slingbox. I also can easily put any of them locally on a computer, iphone or ipad for times when I am on an airplane and can't use cellular, or somewhere out of cellular service.

I'm very happy with the setup and even though I don't buy anywhere nearly as many movies as I used to, I've easily gotten my money's worth from it.
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