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I don't have a huge house, but I do something similar to this. I started it when the kids disney movies would get mis-handled and ruined years ago (I've bought two or three copies of the original Shrek for instance). Now the convenience of it works out well for me. So I get the best of both worlds so to speak.

I get to "collect" or at least purchase the movies I love enough to watch many times, but I get all of the conveniences of streaming and even more convenience since I have more/better options to stream my personal movie collection than any of the individual streaming services (netflix/amazon/itunes/etc) offer singularly without paying more and combining a bunch of their features.

Basically when I buy a movie, I then back it up to my home NAS and then box the movie up to not be handled any more. From then on, I can stream from the NAS to any computer in my house, any of my in-house devices connected to every single tv, to the ipads or iphones on my home wi-fi, or I can stream them over AT&T cellular network to phones if I am away from home via slingbox. I also can easily put any of them locally on a computer, iphone or ipad for times when I am on an airplane and can't use cellular, or somewhere out of cellular service.

I'm very happy with the setup and even though I don't buy anywhere nearly as many movies as I used to, I've easily gotten my money's worth from it.

That sounds like a pretty good set up and the wear and tear from little hands is next to zero now. I think that would be a system that I would be more in line with and I see that Apple TV offers live sports now, (depending on the price) I may start to move more towards the setup you have sometime in the near future, but, Netflix doesn't offer me & my viewing needs, any benefits at the moment that I can tell. It may in the future, but right now it doesn't.

Yup, you get to collect the ones that you watch a lot or more frequently than others. Heck, I'll be buying the Blu Ray Star Wars collection when it comes out in September, despite my adversity to paying more for Blu Ray discs.

At the airport and on an airplane are the only two times that I can think of that I'll want to watch a tv show or movie when not at home. Right now, I either buy it from iTunes and put it on my phone or rip it and put it on my phone that way.
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