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Originally Posted by Mizzou B-ball fan View Post
I used to be like this. Now I spend most of my time using Steam and Netflix streaming. Don't miss the hard copies one bit.

Right on. I'm a fan of whatever works best for your situation. If and when they stop making DVDs/Blu Rays, then I'll make the switch too. Or if there's a device that is just so kick ass, how can one resist, I'll make the switch as well.

Originally Posted by DanGarion
I have a system much like Alan, in fact Alan and I have talked about our setups a number of times. I have all my movies, music, TV shows backed up on my NAS and I have an old hacked Xbox with XBMC as well as a Boxee Box, PS3, and Xbox 360, I can pretty much play everything I have anywhere in the house, and then some.

Oh cool. One of these days I would like to set up a media server in my place. For now, I'm happy playing them on my Xbox or PS3. I don't listen to much music at all, so I don't feel that I'm missing much in that department. I have a friend in San Diego, who has a brother that has a business that builds and installs high end entertainment systems. All I can say is, Wow!
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