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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 1, April 1983
Mobile, Alabama
Attendance: 9,952 (Capacity: 10,000)

Pre Show Match
--Steve Williams def. Rip Rogers in 7:09 by pinfall after an Oklahoma Stampede. (B-, 75)

Pre Show Segment

--Rick Rude gives a promo to the crowd, hyping his next match with Rick Gibson. (D+, 50)

Pre Show Match
--Rick Rude def. Rick Gibson in 5:49 by pinfall after a Rude Awakening. (C+, 66)

--The show opens with Randy Savage and Junkyard Dog arguing at the announcers table with Lance Russell trying to calm both down. Russell tells them to settle it in the ring when both agree to face each other in the main event. (A+, 97)

--Lance Russell interviews Jimmy Hart, who hypes King Kong Bundy’s challenge to Wendell Cooley and the Mid-America title. Hart says Cooley is complaining about his ribs because he has a yellow streak down his back and is making excuses to avoid Bundy. (B-, 75)

--King Kong Bundy def. Jerry Stubbs in 6:10 by pinfall after the Big Splash (B-, 75) After the match, Wendell Cooley hits the ring with a 2X4, hitting Bundy several times in the ribs and knocking him off his feet before the rest of the First Family comes out and chases Cooley off. (C+, 68) Cooley gladly accepts Hart and Bundy’s challenge and the match will be next Saturday on the TV show. (C+, 70)

--Jim Cornette comes out with a piece of paper in hand. He tells Lance Russell he has a restraining order on Bill Dundee and that Dundee can’t come within 100 yards of him. Russell looks over the paper and rolls his eyes as Cornette continues. He tells Cornette that the paper is handwritten and an ‘X’ was written as the signature. Cornette threatens Russell with the tennis racket as Bill Dundee comes out, trailed by Bobby Eaton and Koko Ware as Cornette scampers to the locker room. (B+, 86)

-- Dundee, Eaton, and Ware cut a promo, challenging Cornette’s Dynasty to a match right now, saying that the Midnight Express have more problems than just the Rock ‘n’Roll Express and the Fabulous Ones. The Dynasty runs out and a brawl takes up the ringside area at the announcers table. Referee Jerry Calhoun starts the match when things get under control. (C+, 70)

--Bill Dundee, Bobby Eaton, and Koko Ware def. Cornette’s Dynasty (Condrey, Austin, and Fernandez) in 12:29 by pinfall after Bobby Eaton delivered an Alabama Jam on Norvell Austin as the action spilled outside the ring. (B, 79) After the match, the Fabulous Ones hit the ring and beat down an already tired Midnight Express as Dundee goes after Manny Fernandez. (B-, 74)

--The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express def. Don Bass and Roger Smith in 11:02 by pinfall after a double dropkick on Smith, allowing Morton to get the pin. (B-, 76)

--Jerry Lawler comes out and challenges any of Cornette’s Dynasty or Hart’s First Family to a singles match for the Southern heavyweight title or in a tag team match next Saturday on the TV show. He tells Lance Russell he’s itching for a fight and wants to drop someone on their head. (A+, 100)

--Junkyard Dog def. Randy Savage by disqualification in 16:58 when the Rick Rude and the Moondogs interfered and beat JYD down as Savage joined in. (B+, 86) Lawler came to JYD’s rescue with a chair and chased the First Family off. (A, 90)

Show Rating: A, 89

TV Rating: 0.44 (336,410 viewers)

A couple of pre show incidents:

--Norvell Austin received some serious heat from the locker room about his selfish behavior. He was given a stern warning and promised to improve his behavior. In addition, he was jobbed out in the six-man tag match.

--King Cobra was very late for the show, violating company rules. He was given a stern warning as well and did not like it. His behavior will likely get worse.

Post Show Notes
--Wendell Cooley gets some measure of revenge on Bundy as they head toward next week’s Mid-America title match.

--Jim Cornette’s Dynasty had a bad night with the loss in the six-man tag match and the return of the Fabulous Ones in a post-match beatdown of the Midnights. Cornette’s skills are improving every week. I checked his mic skills, charisma, and acting skills in the editor and all have increased by 3-4 points since January 1: Mic is 89, Charisma is 83, and Acting is 85. Not bad for the 21-year old Cornette.

--Lawler will see a pickup in action next week. I’ve kept him mostly on the mic with only one match since he defeated Manny Fernandez at WrestleBowl in order to give some other workers the spotlight.

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