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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 2, April 1983
Nacogdoches, Texas
Attendance: 3,170 (Capacity: 5,000)

NWA Mid-America Title Match
--Wendell Cooley def. Moondog Rex by pinfall in 7:51 after a Wildcat Slam. Cooley was in visible discomfort from his rib injury to Bundy. (C+, 66) Cooley makes his 7th defense of the Mid-America title.

--Randy Savage and Buddy Landel come out and hype their upcoming match against Jerry Stubbs and Jimmy Valiant. (C+, 70)

--The Fabulous Ones def. Leroy Brown and Ray Candy in 8:39 by pinfall after Stan Lane’s Savate Kick on Brown. (B-, 73) After the match, the Fabs hype their beatdown on the Midnight Express on this past Saturday’s TV show, saying it was good to stomp a mudhole in anything that hangs with Jim Cornette. (C+, 67)

--A backstage camera catches Wendell Cooley laying on the ground and a masked man standing above him with a chain. Promoter Eddie Marlin steps in as the masked assailant runs away. (C, 58)

--Bill Dundee def. Sabu the Wildman in 8:41 by pinfall after a piledriver. (B-, 75) After the match, Dundee hypes the six-man tag win from Saturday, saying he could get used to working with Eaton and Ware, as long as they save Manny Fernandez for him. (B-, 76)

--Eddie Marlin comes out for an interview with Lance Russell. Marlin explains the rules for the King of Kings event later in the month.

**The winner will get a Southern heavyweight title shot at the Night of Champions event in May;

**The 10 participants and five teams for the event will be chosen randomly. There will be a series of tag team matches,, over the next two weeks on Championship Wrestling and one match next Monday night at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

**There will be no time limit and there must be a winner in each match.

**The 10 winners from the 5 tag team matches will then compete in a battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the Southern heavyweight title. (C, 62)

--Randy Savage and Buddy Landel def. Jerry Stubbs and Jimmy Valiant in 15:53 by pinfall after Savage’s flying elbow drop on Stubbs. (B-72)

--Steve Williams hypes his match tonight against Don Bass. He warns the First Family with a focus on King Kong Bundy, telling Bundy that Cooley will pay him back for the sneak backstage attack and that if he thinks he will get help in their title match this Saturday, he will be Cooley’s backup. (B, 79)

--Jerry Lawler hypes his reign as Southern heavyweight champion. He says it won’t matter who wins the King of Kings battle royal because he plans on holding the title for a very long time. (A+, 100)

--Steve Williams def. Don Bass in 9:23 by pinfall after an Oklahoma Stampede. (B-, 75)

Show Rating: B, 80
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