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Weekly News
--Championship Wrestling from Florida has let it be known they now have a hostile relationship with me. As a result, I check their roster to see if there is anyone I might pick up if their schedule permits. If they work for two companies, I’m out.

**Barry Windham has commitments to Mid-Atlantic and CWF. He is 22 and has good overness in the Southeast, along with above average skills for someone his age. Not now.

**Black Bart is one-half of the Florida Bahamas Tag Champions and CWF is his only contract. Bart’s brawling skills would match what we need in CWA. He might be the lone signee I could get. I will likely hold off for now

**“Cowboy” Bob Orton is the Florida Heavyweight Champion but has two employers, Mid-Atlantic and CWF.. He is the best brawler on the roster. No go for now.

**Dusty Rhodes’ only commitment is to CWF. Of course, his stats in Psychology, Mic, and Charisma are off the charts. I check to see if he is interested and Dusty says he is not interested in joining CWA at the moment.

**27-year-old Jake Roberts has three commitments: World Class, CWF, and Georgia (where he is on PPA). He’s one of the best statistically but with three commitments, its not the time to sign.

**Joe Leduc is solid across the board. Unfortunately, Mid-Atlantic and CWF are his commitments. Leduc and Lawler have a history. It was five years earlier, in 1978, that Leduc made his Blood Oath against Lawler on Memphis television on Saturday morning wrestling that shocked many fans, and Lance Russell. Dude legit scared me.

--I sign Hercules Hernandez to a six-month contract at $600 per appearance. He was recently released by the flailing Central States.
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