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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 2, April 1983
Oxford, Mississippi
Attendance: 9,500 (Sell Out)

--Jimmy Hart comes out with his First Family and hypes King Kong Bundy’s title shot against Wendell Cooley later in the show. Lance Russell asks Hart about his group’s sneak attack on Cooley as a way of softening him up before his title defense. Hart denies any involvement in the attack on Cooley. (B-, 73)

--Promoter Eddie Marlin comes out and announces the first match that will determine the first two entrants in the King of Kings battle royal later in the month. He reminds the audience that the drawing is completely random which could make for interesting tag teams. Marlin announces the first match as Bobby Eaton and Adrian Street will take on Dennis Condrey and Moondog Rex. (C, 61)

King of Kings Qualifying Match
--Bobby Eaton and Adrian Street def. Dennis Condrey w/Jim Cornette and Moondog Rex w/Jimmy Hart in 9:55 by pinfall after an Eaton Alabama Jam on Dennis Condrey. Bill Dundee chased Cornette from ringside and Steve Williams chased Hart from ringside. Street was not willing to work with Eaton until Eaton pulled him into the ring by his hair. Street obliged by tagging Eaton back in and walking away. Rex accidentally hit Condrey with the Moondog bone, allowing Eaton the pin. (B-, 75)

--Jerry Lawler comes out and tells Lance Russell that he believes in second chances, especially in title matches. He then says he would be glad to defend his Southern heavyweight title against Manny Fernandez in the main event but only if Jim Cornette is not allowed at ringside. (A+, 100) Jim Cornette comes out and accepts Lawler’s challenge on behalf of Manny. He tells Lawler that Manny might suffer without him at ringside but says Manny is still the better wrestler. (C+, 67)

--Ricky Steamboat def. Buddy Landel in 12:42 by pinfall after a Flying Crossbody. (B, 82)

--Lance Russell shows backstage camera footage from a few minutes ago, showing Wendell Cooley being attacked by the masked man as Cooley was preparing to wrestle King Kong Bundy. (C+, 66)

--Lance Russell calls out Adrian Street, who hypes his performance in his tag team win earlier in the night and says that he is the only real man that can win the King of Kings battle royal. He then wishes “Gwendolyn” good luck in his title defense against Bundy and hopes he will be able to wrestle Bundy.

--Eddie Marlin comes back out for two announcements and asks Jimmy Hart and King Kong Bundy to join him at the announcers table. Marlin tells Hart that because of the masked man’s attack, Wendell Cooley will not be able to defend the Mid-America title against Bundy because of the injuries sustained in the two recent attacks. He tells Hart it’s not a good look for his guys to attack Cooley like that. Hart and Bundy are livid as Marlin explains that Cooley still has 25 days to defend the title. Hart and Bundy plead their innocence. (C+, 68)

--Marlin then makes his announcement for the second qualifying match for the King of Kings battle royal. The first team will be Steve Williams and Koko Ware facing off against Bill Dundee and Randy Savage. (C+, 69)

--Before the match, Bill Dundee says that sometimes you have to work with jerks and weirdos and tonight is no exception. He also tells Williams and Ware that it’s nothing personal tonight because he wants a shot at the Southern heavyweight title. Dundee also takes a jab at Cornette, saying his Momma wanted a girl, his father wanted a boy, and they were both satisfied. (B, 81)

King of Kings Qualifying Match
--Bill Dundee and Randy Savage def. Steve Williams and Koko Ware in 10:02 by pinfall after a flying elbow drop by Savage on Williams. Dundee and Savage got along strangely well during the match, prompting Russell and Dave Brown to wonder how two people like Dundee and Savage and their personalities could get along with so much on the line. (B, 82)

--After the match, Bill Dundee offers a handshake to Savage on the win with the crowd behind Savage. Savage responds by punching Dundee and beating him down before leaving the ring. (B+, 86)

--Jerry Lawler hypes his upcoming title match against Manny Fernandez, reminding Lance Russell that everyone’s favorite ball boy, Cornette, and his tennis racket won’t be there to help Manny tonight. (A+, 100)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match
--Jerry Lawler def. Manny Fernandez in 16:05 by pinfall following a piledriver in a bloody match. (B+, 87) Lawler makes his 6th defense of the Southern title.

Show Rating: A, 89

TV Rating: 0.41 (311,860 viewers)

Post Show Notes

--I make an offer to The Spoiler. He is not currently employed as he was not re-signed by Georgia. He will be a nice addition to the roster if terms can be reached.
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