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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 3, April 1983
Louisville, Kentucky
Attendance: 14,768 (Capacity: 15,000)

--Jerry Lawler comes out for an interview with Lance Russell. He tells Russell he has a great idea that will make everyone happy. He says that he has yet to have an opponent for the King of Kings event because of the tag team qualifying matches. He offers that the losers of the five tag team qualifiers be put in their own battle royal on Saturday’s Championship Wrestling telecast. The winner of that 10-man battle royal would face him in the main event of King of Kings. (A+, 100)

--The Fabulous Ones def. Phil Hickerson and Troy Graham w/Jimmy Hart in 6:57 by pinfall after a Stan Lane Savate Kick on Graham. (B-, 75) After the match, Lane and Keirn hype their tag team success. Keirn also says he and Lane have discussed that if their names were called tonight or Saturday, they will be ready to fight, whether its together or against each other. (B-, 75)

--Bill Dundee comes out and challenges Randy Savage to match later in the card, referring to Savage’s sucker punch of Dundee on Saturday’s show. He says it obvious that Savage doesn’t appreciate it when people help him so he will teach him a lesson about respect. (B, 81)

--Promoter Eddie Marlin comes out and announces the next King of Kings qualifying match: Junkyard Dog will team with Buzz Sawyer to take on Ricky Morton of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Norvell Austin of the Midnight Express. (B-, 75) Sawyer comes out with Jimmy Hart and says there’s a conspiracy to keep him from winning the King of Kings battle royal. He calls out JYD and says not to mess this match up or their will be a price to pay. JYD comes out and the two begin arguing. (A+, 100)

--King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart def. Tommy Rogers in 5:48 by pinfall after the Big Splash. (B-, 74) After the match, Hart hypes Bundy and tells Wendell Cooley he doesn’t know what he’s trying to pull with the fake masked man attacks but he can’t hide from the First Family. (C+, 66) Cooley comes out and accuses Hart and Bundy of orchestrating the attacks, which they deny. (C+, 70)

--Jim Cornette comes out to a chorus of boos from the Louisville crowd for an interview with Lance Russell. Cornette says he’s ashamed to be at home in Louisville, Kentucky, in front of a bunch of uncultured backwoods hicks who need an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes. Cornette then hypes Norvell Austin’s tag team with Ricky Morton, saying that the only thing worse than kissing your sister is teaming with someone that looks like your sister. (B-, 72)

King of Kings Qualifying Match
--Junkyard Dog and Buzz Sawyer w/Jimmy Hart def. Ricky Morton and Norvell Austin w/Jim Cornette in 12:25 when the match deteriorated and Morton and Austin were counted out fighting each other outside the ring while JYD and Sawyer were fighting each other in the ring. (B, 81)

--Jerry Stubbs def. Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart in 7:01 by submission after the Figure Four Leglock. (C+, 70)

--Bill Dundee def. Randy Savage in 16:39 by pinfall after a distraction by Manny Fernandez. Fernandez distracted referee Jerry Calhoun while Savage retrieved a chair. Savage’s attempted chair shot on Dundee missed, hit the ropes, and bounced back to hit Savage in the face, knocking him out for the Dundee pin. (A, 92)

Show Rating: A, 92

Weekly News
--Dick Slater is the new Southwest Heavyweight Champion, defeating Gino Hernandez.

--I re-sign Leroy Brown and Don Bass to three month contracts at $900 per appearance. A pretty good bargain when considering that both are good workers in their tag teams.
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