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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 3, April 1983
Albany, Georgia
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

--Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler. He hypes his match later in the show and his Southern title defense at King of Kings against the winner of tonight’s battle royal. (A+, 100)

--Eddie Marlin comes out to announce the fourth qualifying match for the King of Kings battle royal. Manny Fernandez and King Kong Bundy will team up against Moondog Spot and Robert Gibson. (C, 63)

King of Kings Qualifying Match
--Manny Fernandez and King Kong Bundy def. Moondog Spot and Robert Gibson by pinfall in 4:20 after Fernandez, Bundy, and Spot ganged up and beat down Gibson. Bundy pinned Gibson after a Big Splash. (C+, 67)

--Jimmy Hart comes out for an interview with Lance Russell. Hart says that Junkyard Dog was too worried about fighting his tag team partner, Buzz Sawyer, last Monday night and almost cost them a chance at the Southern title. JYD comes out and lets Hart know that Sawyer is not in the building tonight. He chases and eventually catches Hart, who tripped himself up. He gives Hart two dog headbutts while on the Civic Center floor before King Kong Bundy helps him escape to the locker room. (B+, 86)

--Wendell Cooley hypes his upcoming title defense against Leroy Brown. He says he knows the masked man will eventually make a mistake and he will find out who it is and he’s sure the person responsible will be part of the First Family. (C+, 67)

NWA Mid-America Title Match
--Wendell Cooley def. Leroy Brown in 4:56 by pinfall after a Wildcat Slam. (C+, 66) The masked man appeared midway through the match and distracted Cooley. Cooley makes his 8th defense of the Mid-America title. After the match, Cooley chased the masked man to the back where a car was waiting on him to take him away. (C-, 55)

--Eddie Marlin comes out and announces the final qualifying match for the King of Kings battle royal. Steve Keirn and Stan Lane will team together to face Ricky Steamboat and Jerry Stubbs. (C+, 69)

--Ricky Steamboat is interviewed by Lance Russell. Steamboat hypes his upcoming tag match with Jerry Stubbs against “the best tag team in the world”, the Fabulous Ones, and thanks the fans for supporting him in the CWA. (B+, 86)

King of Kings Qualifying Match
--Ricky Steamboat and Jerry Stubbs def. The Fabulous Ones in 8:35 by pinfall after Steamboat landed a flying crossbody on Keirn. (B-, 76) After the match, both teams offer a handshake to each other as a mutual sign of respect. (B-, 74)

--Lance Russell hypes the upcoming battle royal by running down the list of participants, in which the winner will face Jerry Lawler at King of Kings for the Southern title: Steve Keirn, Stan Lane, Moondog Spot, Robert Gibson, Ricky Morton, Norvell Austin, Steve Williams, Koko Ware, Dennis Condrey, and Moondog Rex. (B-, 72)

--Dennis Condrey wins the battle royal for the right to face Jerry Lawler at the King of Kings main event. The last two remaining were Dennis Condrey and Steve Williams. Jim Cornette distracted Steve Williams long enough for Condrey to push him over the top rope for the win. (B, 79) After the match, Cornette celebrated with Condrey along with Norvell Austin as Williams sat stunned in the corner. (C, 62)

--Bill Dundee comes out for an interview and thanks Manny Fernandez and the bad reflexes of Randy Savage for helping him win this past Monday night. As Savage comes out to respond, Dundee says that Savage and Fernandez should know you can’t put anything over on the Superstar. (B+, 86)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match
--Jerry Lawler def. Sabu the Wildman in 9:41 by pinfall after a piledriver. (B, 82) Lawler makes his 7th defense of the Southern title. After the match, Dennis Condrey and Norvell Austin beat down Lawler as the show ends. (B-, 72)

Show Rating: B+, 86

TV Rating: 0.42 (321,380 viewers)

Post Show Notes

--The King of Kings battle royal is set: Bill Dundee, Randy Savage, Bobby Eaton, Adrian Street, Junkyard Dog, Buzz Sawyer, Jerry Stubbs, Ricky Steamboat, Manny Fernandez, and King Kong Bundy

--The winner will get a title shot at Jerry Lawler, or the Southern heavyweight champion at that time, at next month’s Night of Champions.

--I sign The Spoiler and re-sign Leroy Brown and Don Bass.

--Former CWA wrestler, Wayne Farris, has been let go by Southeast Championship Wrestling. He is now unemployed. I ask for negotiations and he says it is too soon to return to CWA. He still considers himself a freelancer.
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