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CWA King of Kings
Thursday, Week 4, April 1983
Memphis, Tennessee
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

--Lance Russell opens King of Kings by showing a video hyping the battle royal and how each wrestler got there through the tag team qualifying matches. (A, 90)

--The Fabulous Ones def. Leroy Brown and Ray Candy in 9:40 by pinfall after a Savate Kick by Lane on Brown. (B, 80) After the match, the Fabs are violently attacked by the Sheepherders, Jonathan Boyd and Rip Morgan, and run into the ringposts multiple times, bringing blood to both Lane and Keirn. (C, 62)

--Wendell Cooley comes out and hypes his championship match with King Kong Bundy on Saturday’s show. He tells the fans he will be ready for the masked man if he decides to interfere. Cooley also warns any member of the First Family, including Jimmy Hart, to stay out of his matches. (C+, 67)

--Ricky Morton def. The Spoiler in 11:49 by pinfall after a missile dropkick. (B-, 75)

--Jerry Lawler comes out and hypes his Southern heavyweight title defense against Dennis Condrey in the main event. Lawler ends the interview by reminding the competitors in the King of Kings battle royal that one may be crowned the King tonight but there’s still only one King of Memphis. (A+, 100)

King of Kings Battle Royal
--Buzz Sawyer wins the King of Kings battle royal in 22:50 after eliminating the Junkyard Dog. (B, 80) JYD got the most eliminations. Bill Dundee and Randy Savage were among the last competitors with Sawyer and JYD. Sawyer wins the title shot against the Southern heavyweight champion at next month’s Night of Champions.

The order of elimination was as follows:
--Jerry Stubbs was eliminated in under 1:00 by King Kong Bundy;

--Adrian Street was eliminated by JYD;

--King Kong Bundy and Manny Fernandez were both eliminated by JYD;

--Bobby Eaton was eliminated by Randy Savage;

--Ricky Steamboat was eliminated by Buzz Sawyer following a Savage low blow;

--Bill Dundee and Randy Savage were both eliminated by JYD when Dundee caught Savage on the top rope getting ready for an elbow drop on JYD; as Dundee prepared for a superplex from the top rope, JYD knocked both Dundee and Savage off balance and onto the floor;

--JYD was eliminated by Sawyer; JYD had Sawyer up for the Thump when Sawyer grabbed the ring rope and pulled both competitors over the top; Sawyer held on while JYD hit the floor.

--Lance Russell interviews Buzz Sawyer and Jimmy Hart. Sawyer says that people’s worst nightmare came true because he will be the new Southern champion come the Night of Champions. Sawyer barks all the way back to the locker room. (A+, 100)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match
--Jerry Lawler def. Dennis Condrey w/Jim Cornette in 20:59 by pinfall after a piledriver in an excellent match with superb wrestling and great heat. (A, 89) Lawler makes his 8th defense of the Southern heavyweight title. After the match, Lawler celebrated his victory. (A, 90)
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