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Post Show Notes
--All of the buildup was for the battle royal. I just can’t make myself put the battle royal above the promotion championship match. It ended up working out. A great show was capped by Lawler and Condrey working well together and putting on an ‘A’ match with minimal buildup, aside from the last week.

--The countdown is on to the promotion’s biggest event of the year, Night of Champions. The event itself was not something that CWA did at all in 1983. The biggest shows would come out of their partnerships with the AWA and World Class in the mid to late 1980’s (both in their death throes in 1987-88 but very popular in 1983). The weekly Monday night shows were the major events.

--The Sheepherders have returned to feud with their old nemesis, the Fabulous Ones, albeit with a new member to replace the departed freelancer, Luke Williams. The new member, Rip Morgan, made up an incarnation of the Sheepherders in the ‘80’s but with Luke Williams. I may actually talk Butch Miller into coming to CWA one day but without the ridiculously cartoonish gimmick they were shamed into taking in the WWF.

--Morton vs Spoiler was a throwaway match with no hype. Morton needed a boost. The Spoiler is 43 years old but can still put on an above average to good match with the right opponent. However, creative has put him on the time decline list, along with Jonathan Boyd.

Game World News
--Don Muraco is the new WWF Champion, ending the 5 year, 2 month reign of Bob Backlund in the Nassau Coliseum.

--In Georgia, the Masked Superstar is the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion, ending Stan Hansen’s one-month reign as champ.

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