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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 4, April 1983
Decatur, Alabama
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

Pre Show Match
--Buddy Landel def. Jerry Stubbs in 6:38 by submission after a Figure Four Leglock.

--As the show opens, Lance Russell interviews Randy Savage, who explains that his problems with Bill Dundee are not over. He asks Dundee if he’s ready to “feel the madness”. Savage then displays a fit of intense anger by threatening Russell and Dave Brown at the announcers desk. (A+, 97)

--Bobby Eaton and Koko Ware def. Rip Rogers and The Spoiler in 6:46 by pinfall after an Alabama Jam by Eaton on Rogers. (B-, 76) After the match, Eaton and Ware cut a promo hyping their quest on winning the Southern tag titles from the Midnight Express. (B-, 71)

--The Fabulous Ones come out for an interview with Russell. Keirn explains that they knew the Sheepherders would be back one day to finish what they couldn’t a few months ago when they took the tag titles away from the Sheepherders. Lane adds they don’t care if a little more blood is spilled. (B, 78)

NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title Match
--King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart def. Wendell Cooley in 6:14 by pinfall after a Big Splash. The masked man attempted to interfere in the match but was met with fury by Cooley as they fought outside the ring, much to the surprise of Bundy, who just stood in the ring and waited.

--Adrian Street then came out and piledrived Cooley on the arena floor as Jerry Calhoun was distracted by Hart. Cooley’s lifeless body was then thrown into the ring for Bundy to finish. (B-, 76) King Kong Bundy wins the Mid-America title for the first time. After the match, Jimmy Hart celebrates the title win with Bundy. (B, 80)

--A disgusted Lance Russell attempts to interview Adrian Street and the masked man. Street says that “Gwendolyn” should have been more focused and careful in his match with Bundy. Street then introduces his friend, who removes his mask. The person is revealed to be a debuting Hercules Hernandez. Street blows a kiss to the TV audience as he leaves the set. (C+, 68)

--Bill Dundee comes out and says he wants to give Lance Russell and Dave Brown an extra pair of eyes for the upcoming match between Randy Savage and Tommy Rogers. (B, 82)

--Randy Savage def. Tommy Rogers by pinfall in 7:58 after a flying elbow drop. (B-, 75). After the match, Dundee is clapping as Savage makes his way toward the announcers table. Savage again says its too bad they were thrown out of the ring together by JYD at King of Kings because he was close to finishing Dundee. Dundee responds that it doesn’t matter because the last time there was a match with Savage, he needed Manny Fernandez’s help and didn’t know how to use a chair. (B+, 86)

--Jim Cornette comes out and hypes Dennis Condrey’s effort against Jerry Lawler at King of Kings, saying that Lawler was lucky the match didn’t last another two minutes as Condrey had the match won. (B+, 86) Cornette then hypes the Midnight Express and their tag team title reign. (B+, 88)

--Ricky Steamboat def. Rick Rude in 7:43 by pinfall after a flying crossbody. (B-, 76) After the match, Steamboat thanks the fans for coming out tonight and that he should have known that Savage would use underhanded ways to get ahead in the battle royal and wasn’t prepared for it. (B+, 86)

--Jerry Lawler comes out for an interview with Lance Russell. Lawler hypes his almost three-month reign as Southern champion. Buzz Sawyer and Jimmy Hart make their way out and interrupt Lawler. They tell him that at next month’s big event, Night of Champions, the Sawyer era begins and Lawler will fade into obscurity. Lawler responds by saying that Sawyer’s best day couldn’t match The King’s worst day and he will walk out with the title. (A+, 100)

--Manny Fernandez w/Jim Cornette def. Steve Williams in 13:19 by pinfall after the Flying Burrito. (B, 82) After the match, Cornette’s Dynasty comes out and congratulates Manny on his victory. (B+, 87)

Show Rating: B+, 88

TV Rating: 0.39 (293,580 viewers)

Post Show Notes

--Bill Dundee asks for a $430 pay raise. He is currently making $1280 per appearance. No problem with this. He is a cornerstone of CWA.
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