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April End of Month Review

--Buzz Sawyer wins the King of Kings and is poised to take on Jerry Lawler in the hottest storyline in the company.

--Bill Dundee and Randy Savage’s feud is the second hottest storyline but could surpass Lawler/Buzz come Night of Champions. Dundee defeated Savage on the Monday Night Tour in week 3, which rated a 92. Manny Fernandez lurks in the background of this feud as Dundee continues to insult Cornette and Savage refuses to be stuck to either Cornette or Hart.

--Adrian Street is the mastermind behind the masked man attacks on Wendell Cooley, much to the surprise of King Kong Bundy and Jimmy Hart. Cooley and Street will rekindle the solid feud from January and February, along with Hercules Hernandez.

--The Fabulous Ones and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express continue their drive for the tag titles, held by the Midnight Express. The Sheepherders have entered the fray and have their sights on getting retribution on the Fabulous Ones, who took the tag titles from them in January.

--Ricky Steamboat’s contract ends in just over a month so he will be around for the Night of Champions. He is a freelancer so he will move on after his contract is over.

Best Matches of April

**Singles – Bill Dundee defeated Randy Savage on the Monday Night Tour in Week 3 with a 92 rated match.

**Tag Team – Bill Dundee and Randy Savage defeated Steve Williams and Koko Ware on Championship Wrestling in a King of Kings Qualifying Match with an 82 rated match.

Best Card of the Month
Monday Night Tour, Week 3 rated a 92. The main event was Dundee vs Savage.

Finances and Prestige
--We made $533,128 in April. This puts us at $1,555,480. Jerry Jarrett has rated by performance as excellent.

--Our prestige sits at 63, up from a 61 on April 1. Our momentum is 100 based on winning all US regional battles in April.

CWA Titles Roll Call

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, 100 prestige (no change from last month)
--Jerry Lawler, 8 title defenses, Won February 1983

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions, 100 prestige (no change from last month)
--The Midnight Express, 2 title defenses, Won March 1983

NWA Mid-America Champion, 81 prestige (+15 from last month)
--King Kong Bundy, 0 title defenses, Won April 1983
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