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Here's a look at the game world on May 1, 1983

Company Rankings in order and change in America from January 1 with world ranking in parentheses. Listed below each promotion is the company champion.

1. Georgia Championship Wrestling, +2 (1)
--NWA National Heavyweight, Masked Superstar

2. World Class Championship Wrestling, -1, (5)
--NWA Texas Heavyweight, David Von Erich

3. Southwest Championship Wrestling, +5 (6)
--SWCW Heavyweight, Dick Slater

4. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, -2 (7)
--NWA World Heavyweight, Ric Flair
--NWA United States Heavyweight, Greg Valentine

5. World Wrestling Federation, NC (9)
--WWF World Heavyweight, Don Muraco

6. Mid-South Wrestling, NC (12)
--North American Heavyweight, Junkyard Dog

7. Championship Wrestling Association, +2 (13)
--AWA Southern Heavyweight, Jerry Lawler

8. Championship Wrestling from Florida, -4 (15)
--NWA Florida Heavyweight, Bob Orton, Jr.

9. American Wrestling Association, -2 (16)
--AWA World Heavyweight, Wahoo McDaniel

10. Pacific Northwest Wrestling, NC (17)
--NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight, Billy Jack Haynes

11. Central States Wrestling, NC (21)
--NWA Central States Heavyweight, Manny Fernandez

12. World Wrestling Council, NC (23)
--WWC Universal Heavyweight, Carlos Colon

13. Southeastern Championship Wrestling, +1 (24)
--NWA Southeastern Heavyweight, Tommy Rich

14. World Wrestling Association, -1 (25)
--WWA World Heavyweight, Greg Wojokowski

--Some moving going on with CWA moving up two spots nationally and worldwide. Southwest continues their meteoric rise. They are now the third ranked company in America and sixth worldwide.

--The AWA looks to be in a steady decline. I will “break away” from the AWA and NWA soon (although there was no alliance to start the game) and focus on a new CWA World Heavyweight title with an eye on unification with the Southern and Mid-America titles. A TV title might also be added to the mix to defend on every episode of Championship Wrestling.

--Championship Wrestling from Florida really surprises me. With a roster of Dusty, Orton, Windham, and The Snake, they’ve only averaged a 58 in their five shows from April. Jake Roberts was part of the two highest-rated matches in April but is stuck in the midcard with wins over their lower midcard , openers, and enhancement talent. Dusty is the head booker.

American companies in the red
Central States at -$589,686

World Wrestling Council at -$259,560

World Wrestling Association at -$167,032

Southeastern at -$65,106

--I’ve noticed that for all of the in-ring success Southwest has had, they are losing around $20,000 per month. They sit as just over $67,000 in the bank right now. World Class and Georgia, on the other hand, have over $2.2 million on hand. CMLL is the richest company in the world right now with $3.3 million.

--The wrestling landscape in America will probably look very different in the next two to three months.

Other champions from around the world
All-Japan – NWA International Heavyweight, Jumbo Tsuruta

Calgary Stampede Wrestling - CSW North American Heavyweight, Leo Burke

CMLL – NWA World Middleweight, Rayo de Jalisco

Maple Leaf Wrestling – NWA Canadian Heavyweight, Raymond Rougeau

New Japan – NWA World Junior Heavyweight, Tiger Mask; IWGP Champion – Andre the Giant

Franchise Players
Ricky Steamboat
Ricky Morton
Jerry Lawler
Buzz Sawyer
Junkyard Dog

Most Popular Workers in America
1. Andre the Giant
2. Superstar Billy Graham
3. Wahoo McDaniel
8. Junkyard Dog
38. Buzz Sawyer

Most Popular Workers in the World
1. Andre the Giant
2. Harley Race
3. Superstar Billy Graham
13. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams
83. Junkyard Dog
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