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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 2, May 1983
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Attendance: 2,987 (Capacity: 4,000)

--Jim Cornette comes out with the Dynasty to start the show. Cornette says that he has consulted with his business manager, his mother in Louisville, Kentucky, and says that he will accept the challenge made by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for the tag team titles at Night of Champions. (C, 62)

--The Moondogs w/Jimmy Hart def. The Fantastics in 7:29 by pinfall after Spot used his bone to hit Bobby Fulton and get the pin. (C, 60)

--'Dr. Death' Steve Williams def. Buddy Landel in 9:12 by pinfall after an Oklahoma Stampede. (B-, 73)

--Williams then gives an interview with Lance Russell. He says he’s never liked Jimmy Hart and the First Family. He challenges any member of the First Family to a match at Night of Champions. (B+, 83) King Kong Bundy and Rick Rude sprint out and beatdown Williams, with Hart watching from the announcers desk. (C, 62)

--Bill Dundee def. Hans Schroder (one-night deal) in 6:49 by pinfall after a piledriver. (B-, 75) After the match, Dundee tells Lance Russell that he needs a little more time to think about his match stipulation but will have an answer by Saturday for the TV show. (B, 79)

--Junkyard Dog def. Rip Rogers in 8:37 by pinfall after the Thump. (B-, 75). Following the match, JYD says that he can’t wait for the match with Manny Fernandez at Night of Champions because Manny has something he wants. Russell looks confused as JYD walks away. (B+, 87)

--Randy Savage def. Koko Ware in 12:17 by pinfall after a flying elbow drop. (B, 81) Savage continues to punch Ware after the pin. Bill Dundee comes in to make the save for Koko. (B, 79)

Show Rating: B, 81

Post Show Notes

--I make my first talent trade. This one is with Georgia. I will probably do all talent swaps for three appearances. I am trading their National Heavyweight Champion, Masked Superstar, in exchange for Steve Williams and $7,000. He is not available on Saturdays but will appear on two Monday night shows and the Night of Champions event. The biggest event of the year needs massive star power. He will be paid $2,650 per appearance.

--A rule I will have is that I can’t job out the incoming talent in all three appearances. For challenge sakes, a borrowed worker will not take more losses than wins for the duration of the contract (usually three appearances).

--Out of the blue, Southeastern Championship Wrestling has a hostile relationship with Southwest, the WWF, and CWA. The common denominator is that none of the companies are part of the NWA. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
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