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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 2, May 1983
Memphis, Tennessee
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

Pre Show Match
--Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street def Jerry Oates in 6:58 by submission after a full nelson. (C-, 58)

Pre Show Match
--Buddy Landel def. Porkchop Cash in 6:39 by submission after a figure four leglock. (C, 65)

--Very solemnly, Lance Russell opens the show by saying that CWA owner, Jerry Jarrett, has a very important announcement regarding the future of Championship Wrestling after the first match. (B, 81)

--Randy Savage comes out with Buzz Sawyer as both hype their upcoming matches at Night of Champions and their tag team match later in the show against Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler. Savage and Sawyer say that the team of Dundee and Lawler cannot match the intensity of the Macho Man and the Mad Dog and this match is just a preview of things to come. (B+, 87)

NWA Mid-America Title Match
--King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart def. Bob Yuma (one-night deal) in 6:34 by pinfall after the Big Splash. (C+, 69) Bundy makes his 2nd defense of the Mid-America Title.

--CWA owner, Jerry Jarrett, comes out for an interview with Lance Russell. He thanks the fans for their support in helping the CWA become home to the best wrestling in the United States.

**Jarrett tells Lance that CWA has bought Central States Wrestling, one of the most respected and well-known promotions in the United States since 1948. Jarrett hypes the rich history of the promotion, including such wrestlers as Harley Race, Dick Murdoch, Bruiser Brody, and Dusty Rhodes. He said his goal is to expand CWA to all parts of the United States.

**He explains that Manny Fernandez is the Central States Heavyweight Champion and that he never defended the belt in CWA because of Central States Wrestling by-laws that kept Fernandez from defending, or even displaying a Central States title belt, in other promotions. He says that Fernandez will defend his Central States title at Night of Champions against Junkyard Dog.

**Lastly, Jarrett says that as of July 1, 1983, the AWA and NWA affiliation will end on all CWA titles, including the Southern title, the Southern tag team title, and Mid-America title. Jarrett announces that the holders of the Southern Heavyweight title and the Central States Heavyweight title will face off at the July 4th event, Red, White, and Bruise and unify the titles into the new CWA World Heavyweight championship. He adds that a TV title will be added and the final match for that title will take place in the last TV show of June before the July 4th event, Red, White, and Bruise. (C+, 65)

--Lance Russell interviews Jim Cornette, who comes out with the Midnight Express. Cornette says he’s glad Jerry Jarrett finally finished talking. Cornette hypes their upcoming tag team title defense against the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express at Night of Champions (B, 79) Morton and Gibson come out and tell Norvell Austin and Dennis Condrey that their days are numbered as tag team champions. The two teams argue but come short an all-out brawl. (C, 61)

--Promoter Eddie Marlin comes out and tells the TV audience that Ricky Steamboat’s opponent at Night of Champions will be one of the best wrestlers in the country, Masked Superstar. (C, 60) Steamboat comes out and thanks Marlin for working this deal out. Steamboat says that he respects Superstar and is looking forward to the challenge. (B+, 87)

--Junkyard Dog def. Buzz Tyler in 10:53 by pinfall after a series of dog headbutts on Tyler. (B-, 75) After the match, JYD says that come Night of Champions, he will be the new Central States Heavyweight champion when Manny Fernandez will become the next Thump. (B+, 86)

--The Fabulous Ones come out for an interview with Lance Russell. Keirn and Lane say that after they defeat the Sheepherders at Night of Champions, their next goal will be to get the tag team titles back around their waist. (B-, 75)

--Jim Cornette comes back out and hypes Manny Fernandez. He says that Manny won’t back down from a challenge and will gladly defend the prestigious Central States title against Junkyard Dog. He also says that if Jerry Jarrett comes back out and talks anymore, they will have to put up mirrors throughout the arena to make it look like a crowd is still there. (B-, 72)

--Ricky Steamboat def. Rip Rogers in 9:23 by pinfall following a flying crossbody. (B-, 75)

--Bill Dundee comes out and hypes his upcoming match versus Randy Savage at Night of Champions. He tells the audience that he has decided he wants that match to be a Last Man Standing match. He says the only way to win is to beat your opponent so badly that he can’t answer the ten count and it is a no holds barred match. He tells Savage to get ready for the beating of his life. (B+, 85)

--Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee def. Buzz Sawyer w/Jimmy Hart and Randy Savage in 17:31 by pinfall after a Lawler piledriver on Buzz Sawyer led to the clean pin. (B+, 85)

--As Dundee and Savage continue fighting back to the locker room, Lawler chases Hart away from the ringside area. Lawler then goes under the ring to retrieve a large bucket filled with syrup and begins to empty its contents on Sawyer. He then goes back under the ring to get two large sacks filled with feathers and empties those on a recovering Sawyer as Lance Russell complains about the mess left in the ring. Lawler leaves Sawyer in the ring a sticky mess. (A+, 100)

Show Rating: B+, 88

TV Rating: 0.40 (304,400 viewers)

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