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--I bought out Central States. They surprisingly and finally agreed after going mountains into debt. Five more workers had been released by Central States when I attempted a buyout. They were $607,679 in debt, a hefty price tag no doubt, but I had $1.8 million to spend. I pillaged the promotion and kept Buzz Tyler, Porkchop Cash, The Super Destroyer, and Super Destroyer II.

--The Missouri Heavyweight champion is the Super Destroyer (Bill Irwin). He will keep the mask for now. The Central States Champion is Manny Fernandez. The belts will be brought over to CWA with a title unification later. There will be three main event titles in CWA, way too many for a regional promotion, unless we’re talking about World Class, where they loved their titles.

--The Central States Tag Team titles were vacant so I’m not sure whether I need to acknowledge them in the coming week.

--I fired Porkchop Cash in January. He has improved enough to where I can throw him in some matches and he could be effective. His stats, particularly brawling, basics, and psychology, has improved greatly. IRL, he was part of a tag team with Troy Graham called The Bruise Brothers. A funeral was held by Jimmy Hart on Saturday morning wrestling on WMC-5 and they were re-introduced and rebranded as the New Fabulous Ones, after Keirn and Lane’s departure from Memphis. Lance Russell’s disgust at Hart is great. The video is worth checking out. Joe Leduc also makes a special appearance at the funeral.

Jimmy Hart and the 'death' of The Bruise Brothers - YouTube

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