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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 3, May 1983
St. Louis, Missouri
Attendance: 4,167 (Capacity: 5,000)

--Jim Cornette opens the show by hyping the Central States Heavyweight champion, Manny Fernandez, and his title defense against Jerry Oates in tonight’s main event. There is a smattering of cheers at the mention of Central States. (C+, 70)

--Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street def. Terry Taylor in 6:38 by disqualification when a returning Wendell Cooley attacked Street and then Hercules and began choking him out with a piece of rope. (C, 59) Cooley then rages over to the announcers desk and is interviewed by Lance Russell. Cooley challenges Hercules to a match at the Night of Champions. (C, 60)

--Lance Russell shows highlights of this past Saturday’s tag match involving Randy Savage, Bill Dundee, Buzz Sawyer, and Jerry Lawler and Lawler’s post match syruping and feathering of Sawyer. (B, 81)

--Porkchop Cash def. The Spoiler in 8:01 by pinfall after a Cash In. (C+, 68)

--King Kong Bundy comes out with Jimmy Hart. Bundy tells Lance Russell that after he beats Steve Williams at Night of Champions to retain his Mid-America title, he will have his eye on bigger and better things. (B, 79)

--The Sheepherders def. The Fantastics in 7:02 by pinfall after Jonathan Boyd’s flying headbutt on Bobby Fulton. (C-, 55)

--Lance Russell calls out the Fabulous Ones for an interview. Keirn and Lane hype their Night of Champions match versus The Sheepherders. They say it will be a major step in them getting back the tag team titles. (C+, 68)

--”Dr. Death” Steve Williams def. Buzz Tyler in 9:25 by pinfall after an Oklahoma Stampede. (B-, 75)

--Junkyard Dog cuts a promo talking about his match at Night of Champions versus Manny Fernandez. He says he can’t wait to Thump Jim Cornette after he wins the Central States title. He asks Lance Russell who would name a move, the Flying Burrito, besides an idiot managed by an idiot. (B+, 84)

--Masked Superstar def. Jimmy Valiant in 11:31 by pinfall after a swinging neckbreaker. (B, 80) After the match, Masked Superstar promises a victory against the nice guy, Ricky Steamboat, on Thursday night. (B-, 71)

--Buzz Sawyer rages out to the announcers desk and asks Lance Russell why the match from Saturday night was shown. Russell says he’s just following what was written on the paper in front of him. Sawyer warns Russell not to show it again or he will beat him down the Mississippi River to New Orleans and back. (A+, 98) Jerry Lawler comes out with another bucket of syrup and threatens Sawyer for a second layer as Sawyer slowly retreats away from ringside. (A, 93)

Central States Heavyweight Title Match
--Manny Fernandez w/Jim Cornette def. Jerry Oates in 9:38 by pinfall after the Flying Burrito. (B, 79) Manny makes his 16th defense of the Central States title.

Show Rating: B, 82

Weekly News

--I re-sign Bill Dundee to a deal at $2,250 per appearance. I also re-sign Sabu the Wildman at $1,100 per appearance.

--Tully Blanchard is the new Southwest champion, his 7th reign.
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