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CWA Night of Champions
Thursday, Week 3, May 1983
Louisville, Kentucky
Attendance: 15,000 (Sell Out)

--The Fabulous Ones def. The Sheepherders by pinfall in 6:44 after a Savate Kick by Stan Lane on Rip Morgan. (B-, 75)

--”Dr. Death” Steve Williams comes out and hypes his title match with King Kong Bundy. Williams says he will be the first to bodyslam Bundy since Bundy came into the promotion almost three months ago. (B-, 75)

NWA Mid-America Title Match
--”Dr. Death” Steve Williams def. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart in 6:44 by pinfall after Williams’ two Oklahoma Stampedes on Bundy. (B-, 75) Dr. Death wins the Mid-America title for the first time.

--Lance Russell interviews Ricky Steamboat about his upcoming match against Masked Superstar. Steamboat says he is excited about facing Masked Superstar and says the fans are the reason he is getting this opportunity. (A+, 100)

--Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street def. Wendell Cooley in 7:52 by a quick rollup when Adrian Street threw salt in Cooley’s eyes with referee Jerry Calhoun down, allowing Hercules the pin. (C+, 67)

--The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express come out and tell the Midnight Express to be ready for the match of their lives. They also warn Jim Cornette to keep his distance from the ring or he will feel four boots to the face. (b-, 71)

--Lance Russell interviews Masked Superstar. Superstar says that he supposes it is nice that Ricky Steamboat says nice things about him and respects him and how excited he is to wrestle him. Superstar then tells Lance the only thing he wants to do is beat people up and win. (B, 79)

AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match
--The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express def. The Midnight Express in 12:51 by pinfall after a double dropkick on Dennis Condrey. Jim Cornette ran into the ring during the match, hoping for a disqualification and title retaining but was met with a missile dropkick by Ricky Morton. (B-, 80) The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express win the Southern tag team titles for the first time.

--Bill Dundee comes out for a promo and taunts Randy Savage about the upcoming Last Man Standing Match and how Savage only thinks with his emotions, not with his brain. He says he will find a way to beat Savage, whether Savage likes it or not. (A, 94)

--Masked Superstar def. Ricky Steamboat in 14:05 by pinfall after a spike DDT. (B, 80)

--Lance Russell interviews Randy Savage in advance of his match with Bill Dundee. Savage tells Dundee that it doesn’t matter if he has emotions or not, Dundee will be knocked out tonight and then touch all four corners and he will be the last man standing. (A+, 98)

Central States Heavyweight Title Match
--Junkyard Dog def. Manny Fernandez w/Jim Cornette in 15:38 by pinfall after a Thump. Again, Cornette tried to distract JYD and referee Jerry Calhoun but he was met with a vicious headbutt, drawing blood on Cornette. (B+, 85) JYD wins the Central States Heavyweight title.

--Buzz Sawyer comes out with Jimmy Hart and gives a fiery, rambling promo on Jerry Lawler. He tells Lawler it took a full day for Jimmy Hart to get all of the syrup and feathers off him from last week’s attack. Buzz says he will do something tonight that will hurt Lawler more: taking the Southern title from him in front of his adoring fans. (A+, 100)

--Lance Russell reminds the fans in attendance that the next match is a no holds barred match and there must be a winner. (B-, 76)

Last Man Standing Match

--Randy Savage def. Bill Dundee in 18:47 when Savage touched all corners with the hand of an unconscious Dundee. Manny Fernandez ran in during the match and wrapped a cloth with some chemical on it around Dundee’s head, putting him to sleep. Savage then touched all corners dragging Dundee along to each one. (B, 82)

--Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler, who hypes his three-month reign as Southern champion. He taunts Sawyer, saying it sounds like he and Jimmy Hart had some good bonding time over the past few days. He wonders if Hart stayed with Sawyer and gave him a full body bath to get the syrup and feathers off of him. Sawyer fumes in the ring as he waits for the title match. (A+, 100)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match
--Buzz Sawyer w/Jimmy Hart def. Jerry Lawler in 22:24 by pinfall after a Bulldog in a match that saw a bloodfest from the early minutes of the match. (A+, 99) After the match, Hart and Sawyer celebrate the title victory as Sawyer coats Hart’s cheap white suit with blood. (A, 90) Sawyer wins the Southern heavyweight title for the second time.

Show Rating: A+, 97
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