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Post Show Notes
--All four titles change hands at the biggest event of the year, topped off by an epic main event and the highest rated match in CWA in 1983.

--Randy Savage thinks that Hercules Hernandez is money and I should strap a rocket to him.

--Sawyer goes clean over Lawler, somewhat of a rarity whenever Lawler lost a title in Memphis. Sawyer actually held the Southern title for a couple of days in early 1979 before it was vacated after he defeated the Mongolian Stomper (not vacated by the well-known title vacator, Stanley Blackburn, mind you) hence his second reign. Buzz is white-hot right now with the King of Kings win and winning the title over the top face in the company but will have a bigger challenge next month.

--Savage goes over Dundee after interference by Manny, setting up the Dundee-Manny battle that has been on and off this year, with Cornette in the middle.

--With Steamboat and Bundy leaving after their contracts are over (they are freelancers), they put over Masked Superstar and Dr. Death. Steamboat has a couple of days left so he will be on the card for Saturday night. This is Dr. Death’s first run with a title in CWA. His attitude has been better and he is a very reliable worker. This will add to the prestige of the Mid-America title.

--Masked Superstar has one appearance left on his deal. That will be a match on the Monday Night Tour in week 4.

--I’m still at a crossroads with the Missouri Heavyweight title and the vacant Central States tag team titles. For storyline purposes, I thought about putting the tag belts on the Super Destroyers (Scott and Bill Irwin, a solid tag team in their own right) and have them feud with the Fabs to set up the unification with the R’n’R Express or Midnight Express. Having The Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) as the Missouri champion clouds things up a bit.

--The upcoming TV title tournament will feature no one higher than midcard status to give more matches and experience to less used or more jobbed out workers. It wouldn’t make sense to me to defend a TV title on the Monday night tour since there is technically no TV on Monday night. There is an announcer and colour commentator, however.

--There is only three weeks between big events over the next two months so feuds will be short on some ends and built up on others.

--JYD now holds the Central States title, along with the North American title in Mid-South. I am his priority company which helps with scheduling, of course.

--Jim Cornette loses three belts, the Southern tag titles and the Central States title. He will have plenty to say about that. Jimmy Hart gains the top title, the Southern title, but loses the Mid-America title and King Kong Bundy.

--The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express win their first tag team titles. This is actually Robert Gibson’s sixth time as a tag team champion; four with his brother, Rick Gibson and once with Bill Dundee. Ricky Morton is a tag team champion for the fourth time; two times previous with Ken Lucas and one time with Eddie Gilbert.

--The World Wrestling Council is looking for buyers and I bite. They are $349,815 in debt. Again, having a strong financial backing is key. It still puts me at $1,127,049. I disband the promotion and don’t pick up any contracts, titles, events, or TV (I share the same broadcaster with them) but I do absorb their popularity in Puerto Rico (40). I will not make a big deal of this acquisition on TV as I did Central States. I had 7 popularity there before. I’m sure as hell not picking up Invader #1’s contract. I don’t want that bastard in my locker room, particularly the showers.

--I release The Sheepherders, Jonathan Boyd and Rip Morgan. They don’t have good chemistry and I just don’t like the team itself. I have signed the 24-year-old Meng. I will eventually pair him with the Barbarian. They will need a mouthpiece soon.

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