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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 3, May 1983
Starkville, Mississippi
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

Pre Show Match
--Jerry Stubbs def. King Cobra in 6:58 by pinfall after a figure four leglock. (C+, 66)

--Jimmy Hart comes out carrying the AWA Southern title with Buzz Sawyer following behind. Hart says he told everyone that Sawyer was going to end Lawler’s reign as champion. He tells Lance Russell to get ready for a new age of Memphis wrestling with the First Family in charge. Sawyer hypes his win and says Lawler couldn’t hang with the Big Dog and he will do it again, if necessary. He warns Ricky Steamboat he will be the next victim in the main event tonight. (A, 90)

--Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street def. Bob Yuma (one-night deal) in 6:51 by submission following a full nelson. (C, 61) After the match, Street hypes the upcoming TV title tournament, saying that Hercules is the clear favorite to win. (C, 65)

--The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express come out to a hot crowd and hype their title win over the Midnight Express at Night of Champions. They say that although they’ve both held tag gold before, it means more this time because it might shut Jim Cornette up. (B, 79)

--Bobby Eaton and Koko Ware def. Sabu the Wildman and Lou Winston in 7:29 by pinfall after an Eaton Alabama Jam on Sabu. (B-, 75) After the match, Eaton and Ware hype their participation in the TV title tournament. (B-, 73)

--Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler, in which Lawler says that he has no excuses for losing the Southern title to Sawyer. He says that since Hart wants to run around acting like the champion and wearing the belt, maybe he would like to fight the King. Otherwise, he will ask Eddie Marlin for a rematch, although Sawyer is not obligated to grant it. (A+, 100)

--Randy Savage def. Porkchop Cash in 8:30 by pinfall after a flying elbow drop. (B-, 76) After the match, Savage taunts Bill Dundee, telling Lance Russell that it’s hard to win matches when you’re asleep, like Bill Dundee was at Night of Champions. Lance reminds Savage of why he fell asleep and Savage explains that Manny Fernandez was just telling a bedtime story to ‘mini-Superstar’ and that a no holds barred match means that nothing is illegal. (A+, 100)

--Bill Dundee def. The Spoiler in 9:01 by pinfall after a piledriver. (B-, 75) Dundee quickly exits the ring after the pin as a camera follows Dundee to the dressing rooms. Dundee then attacks Jim Cornette and Manny Fernandez near the restrooms. Dundee finds the nearest cord and begins choking out Fernandez while Cornette runs away screaming for help. (B, 79)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match
--Buzz Sawyer w/Jimmy Hart def. Ricky Steamboat in 15:43 by pinfall after a diving splash. (A, 93) Sawyer makes his first defense of the Southern title.

--Sawyer continues his assault on Steamboat after the match as Junkyard Dog comes out to make the save. Sawyer tries to surprise attack JYD when his back is turned on him but is repelled after Steamboat comes to and helps drive Sawyer and Hart from the ringside area. (A+, 100)

Show Rating: A, 92

TV Rating: 0.54 (407,020 viewers)

Post Show Notes

--Jerry Jarrett has given me an additional goal: it is of high importance to keep JYD above 71 overall popularity in America.

--Ricky Steamboat has left Mid-Atlantic. He will now be unemployed.

--I go into talent trade discussions with Georgia again. I borrow Larry Zbyszko for three appearances at $2,200 per appearance. I am also exchanging $20,000 for the agreement. I don’t mind throwing around money at this stage. Larry is a 99 in psychology and 92 on the mic. This will be worth it.
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