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General Manager Notes: Quarterback money...
You guessed it: Moe Sheldon wants to get paid.

Okay, we have early free agency to make him an offer and lock him up, or hope for the best to not see him go into holdout mode in late free agency. Regardless, Moe Sheldon is on the last year of contract, is probably seen as useless by about 31 of the other 31 franchises, but Sheldon has decided that now he's worth $35M. That would be fine, had we had cap room. But we don't. We're projected at $108M over the cap.

We've talked with all the players and the early estimation is that we'll be $15M short after renegotiations with everybody on roster. That would leave no cap space for the restricted free agents and too little to afford the 8 of 9 draft picks that will count towards the cap for roughly $25M. So yes, we can get under, but will still be projected to be over after filling the roster.

Thing is, we've been here before, over and over and over and over again. Russell Harrison, Jay McGee, Alfred Hickman and Ellis McAlister all were fine quarterbacks, 'franchise quarterbacks' in the eyes of most. But we cut or traded all these names at some point during their careers because I chose to go with the other positions and not that particular QB. I think it backfired in most of those situations, except maybe Harrison's, as we traded for McGee that time.

Thankfully we renegotiated with Sheldon before he had his career year, meaning we have him under contract, but a hold out is too likely to happen, that we have to realize we'll have to find an additional $25M if we want to keep our quarterback. And that will most likely mean sacrificing the surplus of draft picks (our first and second round duos are already on the block), but we'll have to make some tough decisions with veteran backups that are much more expensive than second year minimum salary.

So... Another interesting off-season. Stay tuned...
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