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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 4, May 1983
Knoxville, Tennessee
Attendance: 12,700 (Sell Out)

--Lance Russell reminds the fans in attendance that the TV title tournament will begin with three matches this Saturday on Championship Wrestling and an announcement by Jerry Jarrett. (C+, 68)

--”Dr. Death” Steve Williams comes out and hypes his Mid-America title win over King Kong Bundy at Night of Champions. He says he has heard that Bundy will not be around anytime soon after his loss. Williams says that the Mid-America title is a prestigious belt and getting it out of the First Family and Jimmy Hart’s greedy hands was the best thing to happen for the promotion. (B-, 74)

--Jimmy Valiant def. Sabu the Wildman in 6:41 by pinfall after the Boogie Woogie Elbow Drop. (B-, 74) After the match, Valiant hypes his charisma and talks a lot in first person as he plays up to the crowd. (C+, 69)

--Wendell Cooley def. Phil Hickerson in 7:28 by pinfall after a Wildcat Slam. (C+, 68) After the match, Lance Russell interviews Cooley about his loss at Night of Champions after Adrian Street threw salt in his eyes. Cooley says that Street has gotten dumber over the last four months. He says that Street shouldn’t even be considered for the TV title tournament. (C, 64)

--The Super Destroyers def. The Fantastics in 6:50 by pinfall following a superplex by Super Destroyer #1 on Bobby Fulton. (B-, 72)

NWA Mid-America Title Match
--”Dr. Death” Steve Williams def. The Spoiler in 9:32 by pinfall after an Oklahoma Stampede (B, 81) Williams makes his first defense of the Mid-America title

--Junkyard Dog comes out for a promo hyping the main event versus Masked Superstar. He says he respects Superstar but he will be next in line for the Thump. He also tells the fans he has a special challenge for Buzz Sawyer on Championship Wrestling this Saturday. (A+, 100)

--Junkyard Dog def. Masked Superstar in 16:01 by pinfall following a Thump. (B, 82)

Show Rating: B, 82

Post Show Notes

--I request and receive a working agreement with All-Japan Pro Wrestling. They have a solid roster with some workers that I would like to have but since I’m regional and they are bigger, those workers would consider AJPW a priority over me.

--Masked Superstar ends his three-match deal with us. He had 2 wins and 1 loss. Back to Georgia for him.

--Mid-South Wrestling did not re-sign Bill Dundee so that leaves us as his only employer.

--Roddy Piper is the new Pacific Northwest Champion, defeating Billy Jack Haynes in Butte, Montana. It is his third reign as PNW Champion.
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