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May End of Month Review
--All titles changed hands at the Night of Champions event, with Buzz Sawyer defeating Jerry Lawler for the Southern heavyweight title in the hottest storyline in the company, sitting at 96 heat.

Best Matches of May
**Singles – Buzz Sawyer def. Jerry Lawler at the Night of Champions event (99). The match is being considered as one of the best matches in the United States this year.

**Tag Team – Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler def. Randy Savage and Buzz Sawyer on Championship Wrestling in Week 2 (85)

Best Card of the Month
--The Night of Champions event rated a 96. The main event was the Southern title match between Buzz and Lawler.

Finances and Prestige
--We lost $87,150 in May due to buying out Central States Wrestling and the World Wrestling Council. Jerry Jarrett is still pleased at my performance. The bottom line reads that we have $1,468,330 available. Still a considerable amount. Ticket sales for May were the highest to date at just over $1.8 million.

--Our prestige is now 70, up 7 points from a 63 on May 1. Our momentum is 100 based on winning all US regional battles in May. The only region I don’t have coverage in is New England. The WWF wins that one. I can’t get any TV coverage in New England unless I go ‘Small’ or combine with other networks, which I’m not doing at this point. If I did somehow get coverage there, it would help guys like Buzz, Lawler, and JYD expand their popularity in America.

CWA Titles Roll Call

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, 100 prestige (no change from last month)
--Buzz Sawyer, 1 title defense, Won May 1983

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions, 100 prestige (no change from last month)
--Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, no title defenses, Won May 1983

NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion, 100 prestige (+19 from last month)
--’Dr. Death’ Steve Williams, 1 title defense, Won May 1983

NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion, 95 prestige (+10 from last month)
--Junkyard Dog, no title defenses, Won May 1983

NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion, 94 prestige (no change from last month)
--The Super Destroyer, 3 title defenses, Won February 1983

Company Rankings ranked in order and change in America from January 1 with world ranking in parentheses. Listed below each promotion is the company champion.

1. Georgia Championship Wrestling, +2 (1)
--NWA National Heavyweight, Masked Superstar

2. Southwest Championship Wrestling, +6 (5)
--SWCW Heavyweight, Tully Blanchard

3. World Wrestling Federation, +2, (6)
--WWF Heavyweight, Don Muraco

4. World Class Championship Wrestling, -2, (7)
--NWA Texas Heavyweight, David Von Erich

5. Championship Wrestling Association, +4, (8)
--AWA Southern Heavyweight, Buzz Sawyer
--NWA Central States Heavyweight, Junkyard Dog

6. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, -4 (10)
--NWA World Heavyweight, Ric Flair
--NWA United States Heavyweight, Greg Valentine

7. Mid-South Wrestling, -1, (11)
--North American Heavyweight, Junkyard Dog

8. Championship Wrestling from Florida, -4 (15)
--NWA Florida Heavyweight, Bob Orton, Jr.

9. American Wrestling Association, -2 (16)
--AWA World Heavyweight, Wahoo McDaniel

10. Pacific Northwest Wrestling, NC (17)
--NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight, Roddy Piper

11. Southeastern Championship Wrestling, +3 (22)
--NWA Southeastern Heavyweight, Tommy Rich

12. World Wrestling Association, +1 (24)
--WWA World Heavyweight, Greg Wojokowski

--We are now the 5th ranked promotion in America and on the heels of World Class. Southwest jumps to #2 and is now one of the top five promotions in the world. Mid-Atlantic and World Class are the biggest decliners this month.

--It appears that Georgia, the WWF, and World Class are here to stay. They are all financially strong and are putting on shows in the C+ to B range consistently. As I said in the beginning, it will be a challenge to break into the top three unless I get to ‘Cult’ status.

--I still plan to make the break from the AWA and NWA titles “official” next month, just in time for the July 4th event, Red, White, and Bruise. I’m still juggling some things around in my head. I will likely just rename the Southern tag titles the World Tag Team titles. The TV title will still stand. I will not mention the Central States tag titles since they were vacant. The winners of the big tag team match at RW&B will become the World Tag Team champions. I’m not confident enough to have two sets of tag titles yet.
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