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General Manager Notes: Cap space!
We did it!

Okay, we're not quite there yet, there's still a mountain to climb, I suspect, but getting under the cap is a key step to make. The cap calculation Solecismic software doesn't really help us, it miscalculates the effect that incoming draft picks have on the actual situation, but I think I'm in control. As of today, we've got 47 players under contract and 6 incoming draft picks, which means we'd be at the 53 players signed and with cap actually calculated at the top 51 salaries. It also means we have a bit of leeway to throw some minimum contract offers to free agents in the last free agency stage.

And then there's the Moe Sheldon situation. After years of backup role and money, he's expecting us to give him starter money. Frankly, he's a starting quarterback in talent (roughly 25th best or so in the league), but last season he played at pro bowl level, had there actually been such a thing. The situation is simply: he's signed for a $9.02M salary with a $4.04M prorated signing bonus. His demands are a new deal with a $19.54M salary this season, and a $20.4M signing bonus for a 2-year deal, which adds up to a cap figure of $33.78M this season. Our cap situation? Technically $11.35M under the cap, but after draft picks have been added we'll be $3.84M over the cap, so that's something we still need to find. And there's only 6 players left where we can find cap space with a restructured deal or downright release, one of those six being Sheldon. Two more if you include the possibility of trading either of our first round picks.

A hold out from Sheldon would be a worst case situation.

Other than that, it's been somewhat of a dull off-season. A lot of players signed new contracts. We had one release (Brandon Bell) and today signed 5 restricted free agents, safety Jon Bozeman the most important one, but we also signed linebacker/special teamer Trenton Prescott and three of the late season signings in quarterbacks Bert Martin and Nate Marek, and defensive end Trent Donovan.

Conclusion of the day remains: we're coming close, but are not quite there yet.
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