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American companies in the red
World Wrestling Association at -$245,227.

Southeastern at -$94,747

Other companies in the red
All-Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling is almost gone. They are looking for buyers for a -$479,919 debt.

All-Star Wrestling (Al Tomko) is at -$106,981.

Atlantic Grand Prix sits at -$83,870.

Southwest, the second-ranked American company, is sitting on shaky ground financially after May. They have $15,423 in the bank. They will probably join the list above next month unless they cut some of their roster. If they continue hemorrhaging money at this rate, it will still be quite a while before they fold.

CMLL continues to be the richest company in the world right now with $3.65 million. World Class is the richest American company at $2.57 million.

Other champions from around the world
All-Japan – NWA International Heavyweight, Jumbo Tsuruta

Calgary Stampede Wrestling - CSW North American Heavyweight, Leo Burke

CMLL – NWA World Middleweight, Rayo de Jalisco

Maple Leaf Wrestling – NWA Canadian Heavyweight, Raymond Rougeau

New Japan – NWA World Junior Heavyweight, Tiger Mask; IWGP Champion – Tatsumi Fujinami (won in May 1983)

Franchise Players
Ricky Morton
Buzz Sawyer
Jerry Lawler
Larry Zbyszko
Junkyard Dog

Most Popular Workers in America
1. Andre the Giant
2. Wahoo McDaniel
3. Superstar Billy Graham
7. Junkyard Dog
38. Buzz Sawyer
39. Steve Williams

Most Popular Workers in the World

1. Andre the Giant
2. Harley Race
3. Superstar Billy Graham
15. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams
83. Junkyard Dog
97. Buzz Sawyer
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