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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 1, June 1983
St. Louis, Missouri
Attendance: 4,804 (Capacity: 5,000)

Pre Show Match/Promo
--Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart def. Dare Bergeron in 5:45 by pinfall after a Rude Awakening. (D+, 52). After the match, Rude insults the men in attendance, telling the women in the audience ‘this is what a real man looks like’. (C, 59)

--Jim Cornette comes out with his Dynasty. He hypes Norvell Austin’s match this coming Saturday in the TV title tournament and Manny Fernandez’s dominance of Bill Dundee. Cornette says that if Dundee isn’t still in a neckbrace next Thursday night, be at the Mid-South Coliseum in Redneck-phis, Tennessee, and fight Manny one more time. (B, 79)

--Meng def. Rick Gibson in 7:23 by submission after a Tongan Death Grip. (C+, 68)

--Jimmy Hart comes out and hypes the Moondogs, telling Lance Russell that here stands the next Southern tag team champions and it might be a good idea for Porkchop Cash and Terry Taylor to go ahead and lay down. (C, 63)

--The Moondogs w/Jimmy Hart def. Porkchop Cash and Terry Taylor in 8:09 by pinfall in a hard-fought match after Moondog Spot hit Terry Taylor with his bone as Jerry Calhoun was preoccupied with Cash and Moondog Rex. (C+, 68)

--Lance Russell interviews Randy Savage, who exclaims that all he’s heard is ‘Steve Williams this, Oklahoma that, Stampede this, Title that’. He says no rookie should have had a chance at any title before the Macho Man. Williams comes out and tells Savage to be there in Memphis next Thursday night and that he will join Bundy on the list of people to leave the territory. (B+, 88)

NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title Match
--Super Destroyer def. Jerry Oates in 9:24 by pinfall following a superplex. (B-, 75) Super Destroyer makes his 2nd defense of the Missouri title. He is also granted a waiver of the 30-day title defense requirement.

--Buzz Sawyer comes out and introduces his partner for the match at the Battle of Memphis, Larry Zbyskzo. Sawyer and Zbyskzo hype the tag team match. Zbyskzo ends the interview by saying that with the best brawler in wrestling teamed with the best technician in wrestling, they will send JYD and Lawler packing. (A+, 96)

--Manny Fernandez w/Jim Cornette def. Jimmy Valiant in 11:37 by pinfall following a Flying Burrito. (B, 79)

--Jerry Lawler def. Super Destroyer #2 by disqualification following interference by Sawyer and Zbyszko. (B+, 86) The three men continue beating down Lawler until the crowd erupts as Junkyard Dog enters the ring swinging his chain and helping Lawler drive Destroyer, Sawyer and Zbyzsko from the ring. (A+, 100)

Show Rating: B+, 87

--I signed a game-created wrestler, Dare Bergeron. That actually sounds like a cool name so hats off to the TEW engine. He has good brawling (79), great basics (91), decent mic skills (68), great safety skills (96), and can sell (93). It will be awhile before he gets his first win in CWA. This is probably the best game-created character I’ve seen so far. I sign him at $160 per appearance. He is only 17 years old.

--I have to find a good program for one or both Super Destroyers. They are too valuable to just job out all of the time but that might be what is needed in June.
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