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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 2, June 1983
Conway, Arkansas
Attendance: 4,718 (Capacity: 5,000)

Pre Show Match
--Sabu the Wildman def. Dare Bergeron in 6:12 by pinfall after a flying chop. (C+, 68)

--Steve Williams is out for an interview with Lance Russell when Randy Savage interrupts. Both have an argument before Russell steps between them. (B+, 85)

--Dennis Condrey def. Terry Taylor in 7:14 by pinfall following a full nelson faceslam. (C+, 69)

--Bobby Eaton and Koko Ware def. Meng and the Barbarian in 7:03 by pinfall following two Alabama Jams on the Barbarian. (B-, 75)

--Jerry Lawler and Junkyard Dog come out for an interview hyping their tag match against Buzz Sawyer and Larry Zbyszko on Thursday night. Buzz and Larry storm out the four men begin to brawl around the ringside area. (A+, 99)

--Steve Keirn def. Buddy Landel in 8:30 by pinfall following a piledriver. (B-, 71)

NWA Mid-America Title Match
--Steve Williams def. Super Destroyer #2 in 11:34 by pinfall following an Oklahoma Stampede (B, 81) After the match, Randy Savage comes out and tells Williams that a rookie wrestler won’t be any problem against an established wrestler like himself. He tells Williams he’s not worried about their match on Thursday night. (A, 89)

NWA Central States Title Match
--Junkyard Dog def. The Spoiler in 9:44 by pinfall after the Thump. (B, 81) JYD heads over to the announcers table when Lawler comes back out, where they are interviewed by Lance Russell. They hype their tag match on Thursday night and promise the fans a victory. (A+, 100)

--Larry Zbyszko def. Bill Dundee in 16:01 by pinfall following a small package. (A, 89) After the match, Larry taunts JYD and Lawler, saying they have no chance against a legend like himself. (A+, 95)

Show Rating: A, 90

Post Show Notes
--A solid show going into the June Battle of Memphis event. Larry sets himself up as a major threat to Lawler and JYD by defeating Bill Dundee. He and Sawyer will be a formidable tag team.

--Larry Z could be the backbone of the roster if not for the fact that he’s not available on Saturdays due to his Georgia contract. I have a couple of more important contracts to deal with at the end of the week.

--Moondog Spot is becoming a problem backstage. He briefly improved his behavior after being called out on it by the rest of the locker room. Of course, our old friend Jackie Fargo ordered him to cut it out and…buy drinks for everyone after the show.
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