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Patter and Thong' extend with Merchantmen
Running back duo Francisco Patter and Reggie Thongchanh both signed a new 3-year contract with the Maassluis Merchantmen. Both were in the last year of contract, but with these new deals the Merchantmen made clear that Patter and Thongchanh would be their duo for the 2092 season. Undrafted rookie Seth Moore underwhelmed in pre-season action and was the last release to trim down from 54 to 53 men. Trey Beyer is expected to be the inactive fourth running back, Asher Ford the special teamer out of the backfield.

With these renewed contracts, the Merchantmen go into opening week with a 0 on their cap space figure. Which means quarterback Moe Sheldon will become a free agent in the 2093 off-season. Backup Francisco Farley is still in negotiations for a new deal, as he's also scheduled to become a free agent. Farley is expected to be promoted to the QB2 role, with Brandon Bell released in the off-season and Nate Marek looking far from ready to be more than a kick holder, as shown in limited pre-season action.

These moves also have implications on the wide receiver situation as it means the Merchantmen will take 7 wide receivers into the 2092 season. Rookie Mark Perkins is expected to take over the punt return duties from Thong', while Santiago Messenger remains to be the primary kickoff returner. Theodore Bondy is the undisputed WR1, while George Stuckey looks to have locked up the WR2 role. Harris Wilkerson will be the WR4 with special teams duties, which leaves the team in a decision to make about the WR3 role between second year second round pick Rickey Lyle and veteran Branden Sandlin.

The release of Seth Moore means the Merchantmen go into the 2092 season with only four players that are officially new: rookies wide receiver Mark Perkins, center Lewis Azzolini, guard Hayden Gaylor and trade acquisition veteran left tackle Chase Springer. Kick holder Nate Marek and defensive end Trent Donovan are practically new as well, as they were signed after the lost 2091 AOC Championship game.
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