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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 2, June 1983
Texarkana, Texas
Attendance: 3,627 (Capacity: 5,000)

Pre Show Match
--Super Destroyer #2 def. Dare Bergeron in 5:35 by pinfall after a bicycle kick. (C+, 69)

Pre Show Match/Angle
--Buddy Landel def. Porkchop Cash in 8:02 by submission after Landel applied the figure four leglock. (C+, 68) After the match, Landel says that he is being overlooked and puts the company on notice. (C-, 57)

--Lance Russell interviews a maniacal Randy Savage. Savage says he was cheated out of winning the Mid-America title by ‘that fake football player’. Russell reminds Savage of needing Manny Fernandez’s help to beat Bill Dundee, which makes Savage destroy the ringside area. (B+, 84) Savage then makes a challenge to Junkyard Dog for his Central States title tonight as he walks away. (B+, 86)

--Before his TV title tournament match, Rick Rude grabs a house mic and insults the ‘heavy men and women’ in the Texarkana crowd. He then apologizes by saying ‘I’m sorry if I offended any of you. I hope this doesn’t make you go home and cut yourself….A PIECE OF CAKE!!’ (C+, 68)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart def. Rick Gibson in 6:21 by pinfall after a Rude Awakening. (C, 65) After the match, Hart hypes Rude’s performance and tells the crowd they are looking at the first CWA Television champion. (B, 79) Rude advances to the quarterfinals of the TV title tournament.

--Junkyard Dog comes out and accepts the challenge made by Savage and will face Savage in the main event for the Central States title. (A, 89) Savage sprints to the ringside area and jump JYD as Lance Russell calls for order. Jerry Lawler comes out to make the save and drives Savage away. (A+, 100)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Koko Ware def. Phil Hickerson in 6:31 by pinfall after a Bird Buster. (B-, 73) Koko advances to the quarterfinals of the TV title tournament.

--Wendell Cooley comes out for an interview. Cooley admits that Adrian Street has gotten the best of him and Hercules Hernandez is the real deal. He tells Russell it is time for him to move past Street and Hercules and compete for other titles in the CWA. Russell looks surprised by Cooley’s remarks. (C, 65)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Jerry Stubbs def. Buzz Tyler in 6:44 by submission following a figure four leglock. (C+, 68) Stubbs advances to the semifinals of the TV title tournament.

--Jim Cornette comes out and hypes the Cornette Dynasty. He says he wants the Midnight Express to be named the #1 contenders to the tag team titles and he won’t take no for answer. (C+, 67)

--Adrian Street and Hercules Hernandez come out for an interview with Lance Russell. Street says he thought ‘Gwendolyn’ was more of a man than this as Hercules clinches his fist in the background. Street says either he or Hercules will win the TV title. (C+, 68)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street def. Jerry Oates in 6:44 by submission following a full nelson. (C+, 66) Hercules advances to the semifinals of the TV title tournament.

--Jimmy Hart comes out and introduces the newest member of the First Family, the toughest man in the business, Meng, and says that Jerry Lawler is toast after the next match. (C, 64)

--Jerry Lawler def. Meng by disqualification in 9:18 following interference by Randy Savage (B-, 76) After the match, Savage tells Lawler to stay out of his business and not to even get around the ring for his match with Junkyard Dog. (A, 89)

--Lance Russell makes an announcement at the request of promoter Eddie Marlin. Russell says that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will defend their tag team titles against the Midnight Express and the Fabulous Ones in a Total Elimination match at Red, White, and Bruise. (C, 63)

NWA Central States Title Match
--Junkyard Dog def. Randy Savage in 12:02 by countout when Savage walked out of the match when JYD clearly had control of the match. Savage was yelling at JYD that this match doesn’t even matter as he walked away. (B-, 76) JYD makes his 2nd defense of the Central States title.

Show Rating: B+, 84

TV Rating: 0.54 (408,690 viewers)

Post Show Notes

TV Title Tournament Update
--Jerry Stubbs vs Hercules Hernandez
--Bobby Eaton/Adrian Street winner vs Koko Ware/Rick Rude winner

--The last two quarterfinal matches will be the only two TV title tournament matches on the next Saturday TV show. The semifinals and finals will take place at the last Saturday show in June.
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