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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 3, June 1983
Louisville, Kentucky
Attendance: 15,000 (Sell Out)

Pre Show Match
Buzz Tyler def. Dare Bergeron in 6:48 by pinfall following an avalanche. (C, 60)

Pre Show Match
--Meng w/Jimmy Hart def. Tommy Rogers in 6:34 by submission following a Tongan Death Grip. (C, 59) After the match, Hart hypes Meng as a future star and enforcer of the First Family. (B-, 73)

--Koko Ware def. Phil Hickerson in 6:34 by pinfall after a Bird Buster. (B-, 72) After the match, Bobby Eaton joins Ware as they cut an interview with Lance Russell. They hype their upcoming matches in the TV title tournament. (B, 77)

--Manny Fernandez def. Terry Taylor in 7:17 by pinfall after a Flying Burrito. (B-, 74) As the match finishes, Randy Savage comes out and taunts Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler, saying that the hype around their ‘friendship and tag team’ is overrated. He tells Lawler and Dundee that he and Manny Fernandez could easily beat them in a tag team match. (A, 91)

--As ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams comes out for an interview, he is jumped by the Super Destroyers. The Destroyers perform a double superplex with ease on the massive Williams, leaving him laying in the middle of the ring. (C+, 70)

--Super Destroyer 2 w/The Super Destroyer def. Jerry Stubbs in 11:03 by pinfall following a superplex. (C+, 69)

--Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler come out and hype their upcoming match versus the Moondogs. They accept Randy Savage’s challenge and say that Red, White, and Bruise would be a good place to have the match. (A+, 100)

--Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler def. The Moondogs in 10:48 following a Lawler piledriver on Moondog Rex. (B, 81)

--Buzz Sawyer and Jimmy Hart are interviewed by Lance Russell. Sawyer hypes the title unification match and promises Jimmy Hart that the title will stay in the First Family. (B+, 86)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match
--Buzz Sawyer def. Jimmy Valiant in 11:37 by pinfall following a diving splash. (B, 81) Buzz makes his 2nd defense of the Southern title.

Show Rating: B+, 85

Game Notes

--Ricky Steamboat has signed a PPA deal with Mid-South. It would be nice to have him right now but that won’t happen for at least another two plus months.

--All Japan moves to cult size. They join Georgia and CMLL as the only other cult promotions.

--Freddie Blassie has retired and is now out of the business.

--Southwest Championship Wrestling has cut production costs as a cost-saving measure. This looks like the first step to cut losses. They are already $44,000 in debt.

--I find myself putting Lawler in more tag matches as of late. After RW&B and just past the six month mark, I’ll need to look over the roster for something fresher.

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