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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 3, June 1983
Fort Myers, Florida
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

Pre Show Match
--The Spoiler def. Dare Bergeron in 6:51 by pinfall via a piledriver. (C, 60)

Pre Show Match
--Buddy Landel def. Bobby Fulton in 7:06 by submission after a figure four leglock. (C-, 58)

--Jimmy Hart is followed out by Meng and Rick Rude as Hart is interviewed by Lance Russell. Hart hypes Rick Rude’s upcoming TV title quarterfinal match against Koko Ware. (B, 77)

CWA Television Title Tournament, Quarterfinal Match
--Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart def. Koko Ware in 9:34 with a quick roll up after a Meng distraction. (B, 77) Rude advances to the semifinals of the TV title tournament. After the match, a frustrated Ware goes over to the announcers table and challenges Meng to a match. (B-, 73)

--The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette def. Jerry Stubbs and Jerry Oates in 10:11 by pinfall after a Dennis Condrey full nelson faceslam on Oates. (B-, 75)

--After the match, Jim Cornette calls Lance Russell over for an interview. Cornette calls out Eddie Marlin and asks him to explain the ‘Total Elimination Match’ for Red, White, and Bruise to help the Fort Myers fans who are rare in intelligence because its rare when they show any. Marlin calls out the Fabulous Ones and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Marlin tells the teams
**there can only be one winner;

**one member of two teams start in the ring and anyone can be tagged in by anyone else;

**if you fail to accept a tag, you and your partner will be disqualified;

**when a member of a team is pinned or submits, that person must leave the ringside immediately or his team is disqualified and fined;

**the last person left in the ring wins the tag team titles for his team through pinfall or submission. (C+, 68)

--Cornette whines to Marlin that it is 4-on-2. Stan Lane interrupts and tells everyone else that they are in to win the tag team titles. Morton says the same thing as Cornette, Condrey, and Austin walk off in anger. (B-, 72)

--Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee come out and hype their match with Randy Savage and Manny Fernandez at Red, White, and Bruise. He tells the fans to be ready for some fireworks when the King and the Superstar light up their opponents on July 4th. (B+, 84)

CWA Television Title Tournament, Quarterfinal Match
--Bobby Eaton def. Adrian Street in 7:58 by countout. Street went looking under the ring for a chair or some type of weapon and his body went limp, allowing for Jerry Calhoun’s 10-count. (B-, 75) Hercules Hernandez comes out and fireman-carries Street to the locker room while a confused announce team wonders what happened. (B-, 73) Bobby Eaton advances to the semifinals of the TV title tournament.

--Lance Russell reminds the TV audience that the semifinals and finals of the TV title tournament will be next Saturday on Championship Wrestling. (B-, 71)

--Buzz Sawyer comes out with Jimmy Hart and hypes his title unification match with Junkyard Dog on July 4th. JYD comes out to the interview area and the two begin arguing, coming short of blows. (A+, 100)

--Randy Savage and Bill Dundee fought to a 15:00 time limit draw. (A, 90) After the match, Manny Fernandez hits the ring, followed by Jerry Lawler and the four men brawl to end the show. (A+, 100)

Show Rating: A, 91

TV Rating: 0.59 (445,830 viewers)

Game News

--Stanley Blackburn has apparently retired and left the business. Too bad he can’t continue screwing people out of winning and keeping the AWA title.

--The Spoiler’s contract is up and he is a freelancer so he will walk after his contract is up with no hard feelings. As with Bundy and Steamboat, I tried to give six-month contracts when negotiations began three months ago but they thought it was too long and wanted something shorter. Perhaps I can get them back when I hit ‘Cult’.

--I request negotiations with the WWF champion, Don Muraco, the NWA US champion, Greg Valentine, the Florida heavyweight champion, Barry Windham, and Ted Dibiase. It is time to be a little more aggressive.
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