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CWA Monday Night Tour
Monday, Week 4, June 1983
Monroe, Louisiana
Attendance: 5,000 (Sell Out)

Pre Show Match
--Rip Rogers def. Dare Bergeron in 6:10 by pinfall following a sleeper. (D+, 48)

Pre Show Match
--Rick Rude def. Jerry Oates in 6:45 by pinfall following a Rude Awakening. (C, 59)

--Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee to start the show. Lawler says he likes his tag team with Bill Dundee and thinks they could be tag team champions but has his eye on the title unification match at next week’s July 4th event. Dundee says Cornette and Fernandez can plot and scheme all they want but they will not get rid of him. (A+, 100)

--Bobby Eaton def. The Spoiler in 10:30 by pinfall after an Alabama Jam. (B, 78)

--The Super Destroyers come out for their first interview since joining CWA. Destroyer #1 promises to unify the Missouri Heavyweight Title and the Mid-America title next Thursday night. Destroyer #2 says that after his partner wins versus Steve Williams, they will dispatch the tag team division, beginning with bottom feeders like Bobby Eaton and Koko Ware. (C, 63)

--Adrian Street comes out with Hercules Hernandez walking. Street hypes Hercules' match this Saturday for the TV title. Lance Russell asks Street what happened under the ring this past Saturday. Hercules steps in and says after the arena emptied, he looked under the ring and found a pair of brass knucks. He said whoever did it will pay by getting racked. (C, 64)

--Randy Savage def. Porkchop Cash in 11:29 by pinfall following a flying elbow. (B, 80) After the match, Manny Fernandez joins Savage as they hype their tag match versus Lawler and Dundee. (B+, 85)

--’Dr. Death’ Steve Williams comes out for an interview and says he is looking forward to tonight’s tag team main event when he and Junkyard Dog will face the Super Destroyers. Williams says there is no way Super Destroyer #1 will walk out of the arena at Red, White, and Bruise with gold around his waist. (A+, 100)

--Jim Cornette comes out and tells Lance Russell that Jerry Jarrett and Eddie Marlin have been conspiring against the Midnight Express and the Express has been wrestling against the odds and the match on July 4th proves it. He said all four of their opponents will try to get rid of them first in the Total Elimination match but says that his team will walk out of the ring the tag team champions. (B-, 73)

--Jerry Lawler def. Roger Smith in 10:17 by pinfall following a flying fist drop. (B, 81)

--’Dr. Death’ Steve Williams and Junkyard Dog and The Super Destroyers fought to a double stoppage as both teams refused to listen to Jerry Calhoun and the match got out of control. (B+, 86)

Show Rating: B+, 86

Post Show Notes

--Not a bad show. Williams and JYD had each other’s backs when they entered the CWA. This is their second tag match. The first being against the pre-Zambuie Express, Ray Candy and Leroy Brown. It did help with the storyline involving Williams and The Super Destroyer, leading up to RW&B.

--The Dundee/Manny feud will come to a head at RW&B. Lawler and Savage, however, need to go on a little longer.

--I am sitting on the edge of ‘Cult’ size after this show. I inherited Central States’ popularity after the buyout back in mid-May. They were sitting just short of 44. Hopefully, after the next TV show and the July 4th event, I will be able to sign written deals and start killing promotions like Vince did.

--The bloodletting begins in Southwest as Jonathan Boyd, Chick Donovan, Kelly Kiniski, Eddie Mansfield, and Al Perez are released. This leaves only 19 wrestlers on their roster. Bigger names to come? They have, however, cut their production expenses on music and broadcast quality.

--After the Saturday TV show, I will post a six-month review. It will be lengthy but it feels necessary at the point. I like doing the reviews and looking at game world, company, and individual progress. And it helps me recharge.
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