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General Manager Notes: The flipflopping continues
We haven't won or lost back-to-back, yet.

At home against the Snapfinger Jazz, we recovered (not referring to Daquan Espino's fumble recovery for a touchdown) with a 36-17 victory. We made some minor tweaks to our game plan, but I can't really tell whether it made a differnece. At least we didn't do the stupid stuff from the game at Paris of throwing 25 times to Theodore Bondy (despite being a living legend, it's never a good idea to have 2/3 of the passes go to the same player). We brought back Francisco Patter in the running back tandem, benching Trey Beyer after 42 carries for a 3.14 average, despite still leading the team with 2 running touchdowns. Moe Sheldon threw 3 interceptions, but his position will remain undisputed, for this season...

Division standings:
1. Gothenburg 5-2
2. Maassluis 4-2-1
3. Paris 4-3
4. Bordeaux 1-6

Bordeaux will be our next stop, then followed by visits to 5-2 Orlando and 5-2 Gothenburg.

Frustration about the team's inability to obey orders remains extremely high. It will likely fade away once I stop paying attention to the details and stick with the grand scheme of things, but lack of control over the stupidity that sometimes takes place is, well, leading to that frustration. But, y'know, in the end, it's just a game of football.
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