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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 4, June 1983
Jackson, Mississippi
Attendance: 10,000 (Sold Out)

Pre Show Match
--Don Bass def. Dare Bergeron in 6:27 by pinfall following a running powerslam. (C, 63)

Pre Show Match
--Koko Ware def. Lou Winston in 6:03 by pinfall following a Bird Buster. (B-, 72)

--Steve Williams comes out for an interview with Lance Russell. He is confronted by the Super Destroyers and they eventually begin attacking Williams. They beat Williams down until several backstage workers come out to break it up. (B-, 74)

--Lance Russell goes through the matchups for the TV Title tournament and says that the semifinals and title match will be tonight with Bobby Eaton versus Rick Rude in the first semifinal and Hercules Hernandez versus Jerry Stubbs in the second semifinal with the winners facing off later in the show. (B, 78)

CWA Television Title Tournament, Semifinal Match
--Bobby Eaton def. Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart in 6:49 by pinfall following botched Hart interference. (B-, 75) Eaton advances to the TV title tournament finals. After the match, Jimmy Hart complains to Lance Russell that this is not the way things are supposed to be. (B, 80)

CWA Television Title Tournament, Semifinal Match
--Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street def. Jerry Stubbs in 5:46 by submission following a full nelson. (B-, 75) Hercules advances to the TV title tournament finals. Before the match, Street was seen checking under the ring and giving Hercules the all-clear.

--As the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express make their way out for an interview, the Midnight Express come out and demand what Morton and Gibson are trying to pull for their tag title defense. The Fabulous Ones then come out and tell Jim Cornette, Dennis Condrey, and Norvell Austin to suck it up and come ready for a fight on Thursday night. (C, 64)

--Lance Russell calls out Bill Dundee for an interview. Dundee hypes his tag match with Jerry Lawler against Manny Fernandez and Randy Savage next Thursday night. Dundee tells the fans he’s sick of Jim Cornette and sick of Manny Fernandez. Dundee challenges Manny to a match right now because he wants to fight tonight. Fernandez and Jim Cornette oblige. (B+, 84)

--Manny Fernandez w/Jim Cornette def. Bill Dundee in 10:14 after Manny used the ropes for leverage and securing the pinfall. (B, 82) After the match, Cornette taunts Dundee, saying he is no better than the backwoods rubes who live in Jackson, Mississippi. (B, 77)

CWA Television Title Tournament Championship
--Bobby Eaton def. Hercules Hernandez w/Adrian Street in 9:44 by pinfall to become the first CWA TV champion. (B, 82) During the match, the lights went out while Jerry Calhoun was down. When they came back on, Adrian Street was laying in the floor ringside and Wendell Cooley standing behind Hercules, knocking him out with a pair of brass knucks and leading to the Eaton pinfall. After the match, Cooley said if Hercules ever comes to, he can show up on July 4th and fight again. (B-, 74)

--Randy Savage comes out and hypes his match in the main event versus Jerry Lawler and the tag match with Manny Fernandez against Lawler and Dundee. Savage says that Lawler is ripe for the picking because he is too worried about recapturing the Southern title. (B+, 86)

--Jerry Lawler comes out to respond to Randy Savage. Lawler tells Savage that beating Savage tonight will be a sign of things to come for he and Fernandez. (B+, 86)

--Randy Savage def. Jerry Lawler in 13:01 after a quick rollup by Savage followed by using Lawler’s tights for the pin. (B, 82) After the match, Lawler sat in the corner stunned as Savage celebrated. (B+, 87)

--A camera catches Junkyard Dog and Buzz Sawyer brawling in the back parking lot. The brawl ends after JYD used his chain to choke out Sawyer, leaving him lying in the parking lot while he chased Jimmy Hart away. (A+, 100)

Show Rating: B+, 87

TV Rating: 0.54 (410,390 viewers)
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