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DOTT Mid-Year Review

I’ll take a thorough look at the DOTT universe, which has changed significantly since the beginning of the year.

The TEW Mid-Year Awards

Wrestler of the Year
--Genichiro Tenryu has been in 42 matches and NINE of them have been rated 99. His average match rating is 88. There’s nothing that would suggest he won’t be #1 on the Top 100 list at the end of the year.

Company of the Year
--New Japan Pro Wrestling has had 20 shows rated an A to A+. The Love to Burn Tour event in January rated a 96 and featured Tatsumi Fujinami defeating Tiger Mask in the main event, which scored a 99. The match before that was also scored a 99, when Antonio Inoki defeated Andre the Giant.

Tag Team of the Year
--Tatsumi Fujinami and Akira Maeda have teamed together seven times at an average of 88. Their highest rated match was against Hulk Hogan and Antonio Inoki (96)

Match of the Year
--Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Tiger Mask at the NJPW Betrayed Tour event in May. It rated a 99.

Show of the Year
--The Battle of Memphis is the highest rated event so far in the DOTT 1983 universe. It rated a 97.

Young Wrestler of the Year
--Akira Maeda has wrestled in 11 A or above matches.

Veteran Wrestler of the Year
--Umanosuke Ueda is leading the field so far with 3 A or above rated matches at age 43.

Female Wrestler of the Year
--18 year old Chigusa Nagayo has stood out for her 84 average match rating over 32 matches.

Independent Wrestler of the Year
--Spike Huber has only wrestled three matches and has a 64 average match rating.

99 Rated Matches
All Japan 9
New Japan 7

# of A and above rated matches
New Japan 61
All Japan 45
All Japan Women’s Pro 5
Southwest 5
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