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TEW Most Popular in the World
1. Andre the Giant
2. Harley Race
3. Superstar Billy Graham
4. Terry Funk
5. Jack Brisco
14. ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams
80. Junkyard Dog
82. The Spoiler
99. Buzz Sawyer

TEW Most Popular in America
1. Andre the Giant
2. Wahoo McDaniel
3. Superstar Billy Graham
4. Ric Flair
5. Jimmy Snuka
6. Junkyard Dog
38. Buzz Sawyer
40. Steve Williams
55. Manny Fernandez
65. Bill Dundee
91. The Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin)

Company Rankings ranked in order and change in America from January 1 with world ranking in parentheses. Listed below each promotion is the company champion.

1. Georgia Championship Wrestling, +2 (1), Cult
--NWA National Heavyweight, Masked Superstar

2. Championship Wrestling Association, +7 (5), Cult
--AWA Southern Heavyweight, Buzz Sawyer
--NWA Central States Heavyweight, Junkyard Dog

3. World Wrestling Federation, +2, (6), Regional
--WWF Heavyweight, Don Muraco

4. Southwest Championship Wrestling, +4 (7), Regional
--SWCW Heavyweight, Tully Blanchard

5. World Class Championship Wrestling, -3, (7), Regional
--NWA Texas Heavyweight, David Von Erich

6. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, -4 (10), Regional
--NWA World Heavyweight, Ric Flair
--NWA United States Heavyweight, Greg Valentine

7. Mid-South Wrestling, -1, (12), Regional
--North American Heavyweight, Junkyard Dog

8. American Wrestling Association, -1 (15), Regional
--AWA World Heavyweight, Wahoo McDaniel

9. Championship Wrestling from Florida, -5 (16), Regional
--NWA Florida Heavyweight, Bob Orton, Jr.

10. Pacific Northwest Wrestling, NC (17), Regional
--NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight, Roddy Piper

11. Southeastern Championship Wrestling, +3 (22), Regional
--NWA Southeastern Heavyweight, Tommy Rich

12. World Wrestling Association, +1 (24), Small
--WWA World Heavyweight, Greg Wojokowski

World Rankings and Size of Foreign Companies
2. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Cult

3. New Japan Pro Wrestling, Regional

4. All Japan Pro Wrestling, Cult

9. Joint Promotion UK, Regional

11. Calgary Stampede Wrestling, Cult

13. Maple Leaf Wrestling, Regional

14. Universal Wrestling Association, Regional

18. International Wrestling, Regional

19. Big Time Wrestling (UK), Regional

20. All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, Regional

21. Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Small

23. All Star Wrestling, Small

Companies in the Red
--All Star Wrestling, -141,953

--Atlantic Grand Prix, -179,376

--Southeastern, -154,124

--Southwest, -25,020

--World Wrestling Association, -322,502

--I’ve decided to go into the Game Editor and “inject” some cash into All Japan Women’s Pro. They were almost $500,000 in debt. The game world needs it and it helps the women’s wrestling scene. GLOW and Japan’s Women Pro don’t come in until 1986.

--The WWA is looking for buyers. Not biting on this one.

--By the looks of it, there could be 3-4 less companies by October. There are 24 companies left worldwide.
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